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Motorsport News International INTER BELGIAN RALLY : Boucles de Spa Patrick HAYOT Sat Feb 15 1997 BELGIAN RALLY : Boucles de Spa F6REDDY LOIX (No. 2 Toyota Celica GT-4) -- I have maked use of my experience acquired on the Monte-Carlo...

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Patrick HAYOT Sat Feb 15 1997

BELGIAN RALLY : Boucles de Spa

F6REDDY LOIX (No. 2 Toyota Celica GT-4) -- I have maked use of my experience acquired on the Monte-Carlo roads to win the first stage. All was perfect to the fourth ! But in this, I drive in a very fast section and just after a small jump, our car was not on the ideal line and we are spun of the road. I think when we landed, the suspension was at its limit and we crashed into the opposite side. Sven and myself were shaking! We were, Sven and myself, KO but we quickly regained our bearings. It's realy a shame because we had no problem and we simply managed the advance created during the first stages.

RENAUD VERREYDT (No.5 Toyota Celica GT-4) -- It's a miracle ! Since I race, I have never seen so spectacular crash ! Throug 200 meters (in reality, Freddy's car turned over nine times), it's only pieces. However you look, you see his trace. When I passed near his car, their car was back on its four whells and they get out. KO but in live. I'm satisfay to drive this Celica because, and after this accident, I can say today my Toyota is fantastic. But now, we must think about us and the team. We are present to win and I make it my doubt !

PATRICK SNIJERS (No.4 Ford Escort Cosworth Gr A) -- Hard, very hard.  Have
you seen Freddy ?  Terrible !  But we don't forget our race.  Cause
changing weather, it's difficult to make the good tyres choice.  More I
have brake problem since the Wanne stage and I lost time.  Tommorow morning
it'll be beter.  Our mechanicals have 20 minutes to change disc and break
lining.  So, Bruno races at home but we have all our chance to win.

BRUNO THIRY (No. 1 Ford Escort Cosworth Gr. A) -- Difficult ! It's the same for everybody. Since Freddy's abandon, we are always in the top four at maximum 15 sec. This come back, througt the Racing for Belgian operation, is well for me. We were second but we have met somes little problems. In the second stage, it was impossible to equipped our car of gravel tyres. Directly, we lost contact. More, I need time to find a good feeling. It's coming!

GREGOIRE DE MEVIUS (No.3 Ford Escort WRC) -- As the another opponents, I was destabilised a little moment by the spectacular spun of Freddy. He was very fast ! It's same we come back on start. We are exaequo with Verreydt and Snijers and Thiry is not far from us. That's great for the spectators. Sure, we are the latest winner but we have changed of car. The big difference between our Mike Little's WRC and the Gr. A, it's its driving. So you are off-hand with, you lost time. On the contrary, I must drive it simply. It's a new challenge, but I think we have reason to race directly with our new WRC. Today, we acquire a precious experience for the next race. All is clear and we meet no problems.

JEAN-PIERRE VANDEWAUVER (No.9 Peugeot 106 Kit Car) -- This very technical track is perfect for our car. The struggle between the Skoda's Kit Car driver Stolfa and us is wonderful ! The support of all spectators too. This year is realy funny. Dammage Bernard Munster is spun in training. It would have been a great moment of the 40th Boucles de Spa. Stolfa is a rugged opponent but I too for him. It's the last race with this car and I wait the new 106 Kit Car for the next but it's a realy wonderful car. We are in the top 8 and it's marvelous for everybody : the team, Peugeot's responsable and too all childeren I've seen along the road. The teddy bear on my doors is surely reponsable of this situation but it's very funny to see this future generation you encourage.

KURT HECKTERS (No. 10 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III Gr. N) -- Magic, simply magic. This car is realy the top car in Gr. N. Power, brakes, road holding -- all is perfect. I'm learning and all seems easy. Marc Schoonbroodt, too for his first particpation with a Lancer, was a moment before but now I have understand how drive this Japanese car. The big experience of Elisabeth Genten, my co-driver, is too precious. She was all co of Smeets with Mitsubishi and she knows exactly the traps and snags of this track. Our 5th place scartch is all a succes. As the struggle before is very hard why not a place in the top 3 tomorrow night ?

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