1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally Preview

1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jhayden/98coffs.htm Update ...

1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jhayden/98coffs.htm Update #3 3 February 1998


Less than a week to go! Entries for the Bridgestone Rally close next Monday (9/2/98) at 1200 hours (EST) so if you haven't received a set of supplementary regulations yet, I'd suggest that you ring Bob or Christine Halpin immediately on (02) 6655 1800 and talk to them.

A seeded list of entries should be available the following day. Naturally, I'll post a complete list on the official web site as soon as possible.

IF YOU'RE COMING TO COFFS, SOME TIPS..... If you are making the journey to Coffs Harbour for the rally, you might want to give the Coffs Harbour Tourist Information Centre a call and ask them to send you some tourist guides about the Coffs Harbour - Bellingen - Nambucca area. They can also supply you with some maps of Coffs Harbour and the surrounding townships, details about local attractions and much more. The phone number for the Coffs Harbour Tourist Information Centre is (02) 6652 1522; please tell them you're coming to Coffs Harbour because of the car rally! A freecall number is provided for accomodation reservations - 1800 025 650.

Although it is not essential, competitors, service crews and dedicated rally spectators might perhaps want to find a copy of the NSW Forestry map of Coffs Harbour State Forests (1:125000). Its comprehensive detail also makes it an excellent "touring" road map. I know of one mapping store in Brisbane which sells this map, however you might have to check your local Yellow Pages if you live elsewhere.

Don't forget the Novotel Opal Cove Resort (Rally Headquarters) is again offering a special rally rate of $110 per room, $155 for a two bedroom villa or $200 for a three bedroom villa during the rally period (and remember to mention the rally to get a reservation).

Novotel Opal Cove - (02) 6651 0510.


Already we have secured some prizes for our competitions including some Hyundai Rally Sport mouse pads and some official rally shirts which we hope to get some of the leading drivers to autograph during the media day. Watch out for an announcement next week!


Currently, the Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally updates are being posted to the ARC mailing list (courtesy of Cynan "Dusty" Rhodes) and a small personal email list of mine. If you know of someone who currently does not receive the updates, ask them to email me via jhayden@ozemail.com.au and I'll add them to a seperate list.

Given that updates, releases and results of other ARC (Australian Rally Championship) events will be posted to Dusty's ARC mailing list, I'd strongly suggest that you (and your friends) subscribe to list by following the instructions at:-


or by emailing Cynan directly (cynan@dowdigital.com.au)

John Hayden jhayden@ozemail.com.au (rally email) jhayden@gil.com.au (personal email)

The 1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally is supported by:- Bridgestone Australia - Network TEN - Novotel Opal Cove Resort - Park Beach Plaza - Telecasters Australia - Ansett Airlines - Radio 2CS - Toyota Australia - Hyundai Rally Sport - The Xerox Shop - All-Ways Party Hire - Silverstone - N.S.W. Forestry - Coffs Harbour City Council - N.S.W. Police - Coffs Harbour Showground Trust

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