1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally (ARC 1)

1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jhayden/98coffs.htm Update ...

1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jhayden/98coffs.htm Update #6 16 February 1998

Less than a week to go!!!

BRIDGESTONE COFFS HARBOUR RALLY GIVEAWAYS To celebrate the twenty-first running of this rally, Bob Halpin (Clerk of Course) and I have organised for five lucky people to receive a Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally pack which includes an official t-shirt autographed by the leading drivers and co-drivers, a limited edition Hyundai Rally Sport mouse pad and some Toyota Team Australia stationery! We hope to add further prizes to the packs in the next few days.

To have a chance of receiving one of these packs, you simply have to register your details (name, address and contact phone number) via the form on the Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally web site or by emailing your details directly to me before 4pm EST on Sunday 22nd February 1998. Unfortunately, only residents of Australia are eligible to register. Prizes winners will be drawn at the Presentation Dinner on Sunday night.

Best of luck!

Email entries:- Send your name, email address, postal address and contact telephone numbers (business hours and after hours) to John Hayden <jhayden@ozemail.com.au> with Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally Giveaways as the subject of the email.


Year Entries 1995 68 1996 72 1997 52* 1998 76 * Not a round of the NSW State Rally Championship

1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally Class Entries P1 - PRC 2 wheel drive up to 1300cc 6 P2 - PRC 2 wheel drive 1301-1600cc 11 P3 - PRC 2 wheel drive 1601-2000cc 11 P4 - PRC 2 wheel drive over 2000cc 8 P5 - PRC 4 wheel drive all capacities 14 P6 - PRC 4 wheel drive as nominated by CAMS 7

N2 - FIA Group N 2WD 1301-1600cc 1 N3 - FIA Group N 2WD 1601-2000cc 5 N5 - FIA Group N 4WD all capacities 13 * PRC - Production Rally Cars

John Hayden jhayden@ozemail.com.au (rally email) jhayden@gil.com.au (personal email) The 1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally is supported by:- Bridgestone Australia - Network TEN - Novotel Opal Cove Resort - Telecasters Australia - Ansett Airlines - Radio 2CS - Toyota Australia - Country Wide Communications - The Xerox Shop - All-Ways Party Hire - Silverstone - N.S.W. Forestry - Coffs Harbour City Council - N.S.W. Police - Coffs Harbour Showground Trust

1998 Bridgestone Coffs Harbour Rally Entry List

No DRIVER/CO-DRIVER CAR Class 1 Neal Bates/Coral Taylor Toyota Corolla WRC P5 2 Possum Bourne/Tony Sircombe Subaru Impreza WRX P5 3 Ed Ordynski/TBN Mitsu Lancer RSE III P5 4 Stewart Reid/Steve O'Brien Pounde Subaru Impreza WRX P5 5 Graham Alexander/David Stewart Mitsu Lancer RSE P5 6 Cody Crocker/Greg Foletta Subaru Legacy RS P6 7 David West/Tony Best Mitsu Lancer RSE II N5 8 John Long/Damien Long Mitsu Lancer RSE III P5 9 Paul Kennedy/Ken Behrend Mitsu Lancer RSE II N5 10 John Goasdoue/Alan Bates Mitsu Lancer RSE III N5 11 Mark Haybittle/Georgia Ebsary Mitsu Lancer RSE III N5 12 Miles Sandy/Michelle Murphy Subaru Impreza WRX P5 13 Robert Ogilvie/Michael Gentleman Mitsu Lancer RSE II N5 14 Spencer Lowndes/Patrick Mollison Mitsu Lancer RSE II N5 15 Warren Tuckett/Stuart Percival Mitsu Lancer RSE III P5 16 Brett Middleton/Andrew Benefield Honda Civic VTiR P2 17 Lee Peterson/Graham Legg-Stoker Nissan Sunny GTi P3 18 Dean Herridge/Glen Macneall Hyundai Coupe FX P3 19 Steve Winwood/Brian Harwood Falcon EL XR8 P4 20 Ross Mackenzie/Paul Van Der Mey Daihatsu Charade GTi P2 21 Simon Evans/Zara White Toyota Corolla RV P3 22 Simon Lingford/Duncan Jordan Mitsu Lancer RS N5 23 Martin Lintott/Claire Parker Mitsu Lancer RSE II N5 24 John Mitchell/TBN Mitsu Lancer RSE III N5 25 Peter Roberts/John Terp Commodore VH P4 26 Chris Judson/Phil Morley Subaru Liberty RS P6 27 Simon Jamieson/Rob Towell Ford Laser TX3 P6 28 Justin Barham/Pip Bennett Toyota Corolla P2 29 Garry Geissler/David Baker Toyota Celica GT4 P5 30 Michael Thompson/Gordon Klebba Subaru Impreza WRX N5 31 David Hills/Sophie Handley Mitsu Lancer RSE II N5 32 Robert Devenish/Alan Stean Nissan 240Z P4 33 Derek Reynolds/Paul Tirant Mitsu Galant VR4 P6 34 Shaun Atkinson/Graeme Jesse Mitsu Lancer RS P5 35 Rick Bates/Jenny Brittan Daihatsu Charade P2 36 Steven Shepheard/Dominic Corkeron Mitsu Lancer RSE II P5 37 George Shepheard/Michael Johnson Mitsu Lancer RSE III N5 38 Evan Bollard/Peta Bollard Mitsu Galant VR4 P6 39 Glen Cugley/Tim Gadsby BMW M3 P4 40 Mick Myers/Toni Myers Toyota Celica GT4 P5 41 Peter Edwards/Kim Martin Escort RS Cosworth P5 42 Michael Boaden/Helen Cheers Mitsu Lancer RSE II N5 43 Roman Watkins/Paul Flintoft Toyota Corolla RV N3 44 Mark Pedder/Scott Pedder Commodore Ute P4 45 Abe Tuckett/Toni Feaver Daihatsu Charade GTi N2 46 Ashlea James/Brendan Clough Toyota Corolla RV N3 47 Geoff Full/Rachel Bruty VR Commodore P4 48 Andrew Murdoch/Stella Plenderleith Ford Falcon P4 49 Rick Woskett/John Mills Holden Gemini P3 50 Mark Neary/Lynnford Stephenson Suzuki Baleno P2 51 Pat Cole/David Callaghan Datsun 1600 P3 52 Frank Neale/Phil Dodd Hyundai Lantra P2 53 Jeff Kilbride/Donna Kilbride Suzuki Swift GTi P1 54 Steve Forsberg/Lyndall Drake Toyota Corolla RV N3 55 Kirk Marks/Peter Mahony Toyota MR2 P3 56 Ken Baldwin/Terry Watts Mazda RX3 P4 57 John McCredie/Nick Maude Suzuki Swift GTi P1 58 Tony MacFarlane/David MacFarlane Toyota Sprinter P2 59 Jo Cadman/Linda Long Toyota Corolla RV N3 60 Steve Wall/John Harding Datsun 1600 P3 61 Peter Ferguson/Robert Edwards Holden Gemini ZZ/R P3 62 Mark Butcher/Anthony Chudleigh Nissan Pulsar GTiR P5 63 Mark Hughes/Mandy Hughes Vauxhall Astra P3 64 Bryan Price/Milton Price Toyota Celica GT4 P6 65 Nigel Moore/Colin Aldred Mitsu Galant VR4 P6 66 David Grundy/Paul Young Toyota Corolla P2 67 Rick Powell/Russell Marker Toyota Sprinter P2 68 Robert Whyatt/Steven Rowe Toyota Corolla RV N3 69 Robert Inall/David Inall Toyota Levin P3 70 Dean Ridge/David Asimus Toyota Corolla P1 71 Justin Middleton/Paul Helm Toyota Corolla Levin P3 72 Greg Keam/Ron McMahon Toyota Sprinter P2 73 Ferris Lee/Mark Percival Honda Civic P1 74 Nathan Groom/Dale Moscatt Daihatsu Charade P1 75 Hugh Taylor/David Burt Datsun 1200 P1 76 Troy Gordon/B D Williams Toyota Corolla Levin P2

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