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Chronological PWC photos :

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sccawc-2002-seb-ts-0224 sccawc-2002-seb-ts-0225
Don and Bobby Sak Bobby Sak's car
Bobby Sak's car A Team FBR/Trans Sport crew member works on a team car
Bobby Sak
STaSIS Engineering pit area Jon Prall (r) and Ryan Fackett (l) of STaSIS Engineering review data from car #78 after a practice session
Tom Milner (l) talks to his crew after Friday's practice session at Laguna Seca Raceway Randy Pobst's #2 Champion Racing Audi RS6
James Sofronas's #29 Tecmark Autosport BMW 325Ci
Phil McClure's Corvette was rebuilt in 21 days after a major incident at Road American on Aug 3 American iron is displayed in raw form in Phil McClure's Corvette Z06
Mazda show car A TeamRTR crew member changes springs on the #1 car
Mazda show car
TeamRTR crew members investigate the front suspension of one of their team cars
Peter Cunningham's cockpit is decked out in carbon fiber inside his #1 TeamRTR Nissan Sentra SE-R The engine bay of Peter Cunningham's Nissan Sentra SE-R
TeamRTR crew hard at work