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Chronological PWC photos :

Mark MacLean Ken Dobson
Eric Curran Jeff Altenburg
Will Turner Charles Espenlaub and Pierre Kleinubing leading the field for the pace laps
Pace laps Pace laps
Pace laps Roger Foo during parade laps
The start: Pierre Kleinubing taking the lead The start
Tough battles at the start Mark Kirberg
More tough battles at the start Frank Selldorff and Phil Parlato
John Markefka First lap: Pierre Kleinubing leading Will Turner
Ken Dobson Rick Gilhart
Early race action Robert Baxter and Fred Pignataro
Robert Baxter and Fred Pignataro Robert Baxter and Fred Pignataro
Fred Meyer Pierre Kleinubing
Peter Cunningham Mike Fitzgerald
Mark Kirberg Bobby Sak
Paul Bonaccorsi Peter Schwartzott
Taz Harvey
Robert Baxter
Michael Thornley
Will Turner
Peter Cunningham
Chuck Hemmingson
Mike Fitzgerald
Chris Gleason Frank Selldorff
Mike Fitzgerald Paul Bonaccorsi
Rick Gilhart
Robert Baxter
Fred Meyer
Frank Selldorff Race action
Race action Shauna Glorioso Marinus