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Rob Foster Michael McCann
Gerardo Bonilla Jeffrey Robbins
Jeffrey Robbins Carl Hober
James Sofronas The field under yellow
Accident clean up continues for Dane Moxlow and Lou Gigliotti Tony Gaples
James Sofronas Ron Fellows
Ron Fellows
Dane Moxlow Michael Galati
Rob Foster Cindi Lux
Michael Galati Tony Gaples
Brett Pearson James Sofronas
Sonny Whelen Brian Kubinski
Scotty B. White
Jason Daskalos Jeff Altenburg
Scotty B. White Aaron Baumbach
James Sofronas Gerardo Bonilla
James Sofronas
Jeff Altenburg Michael Galati
Randy Pobst
Gerardo Bonilla goes off-track Gerardo Bonilla goes off-track
Gerardo Bonilla goes off-track Lou Gigliotti
Tony Gaples Gerardo Bonilla
Tony Gaples Gerardo Bonilla
Gerardo Bonilla