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Chronological PWC photos :

Pace lap Tim Pappas, Black Swan Racing/Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3
K-PAX Racing/Volvo S60 Duncan Ende, Global Motorsports Group/STANDD.org/Merchant Services Audi R8
Bret Curtiss, Global Motorsports Group/Spectra Resources/United Steel Audi R8 Alex Figge, K-Pax Racing/Volvo S60
Cadillac Flag Girl
Randy Pobst, K-PAX Racing/Volvo S60 Ryan Dalziel, TruSpeed/Privacy Star/ENTRUST/Porsche 911 GT3
Johnny O'Connell, Cadillac Racing/Cadillac CTS-V.R Jack Baldwin, GTSport Racing with Goldcrest/Motul/Stoptech/Invoice Prep/Porsche Cayman S
Lawson Aschenbach, Blackdog Racing, Blackdog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro TV Coverage
Pirelli World Challenge Flag Girl
Recon Lap Alex Figge
Start: Alex Figge leads the field Start: Alex Figge leads the field
Start: Alex Figge leads the field Start: Alex Figge leads Ryan Dalziel
Start: Ryan Dalziel and Randy Pobst Start: Duncan Ende and Tim Pappas
Start: Bret Curtis Start: Andy Lee
Start: Andy Lee Lawson Aschenbach and Kevin Gleason
Mark Wilkins Nick Esayian
Lou Gigliotti and Dane Moxlow Ernie Francis Jr.
Ardee Toppe Nic Jonsson and Rich Golinello
Nic Jonsson and Rich Golinello Alex Figge
Alex Figge Bill Ziegler
Duncan Ende Alex Welch
Jim Taggart Lawson Aschenbach
Ryan Dalziel Tim Pappas
Johnny O'Connell Andy Lee
Mike Skeen Bret Curtis and Tim Pappas