Plumb Takes Speedvision Touring Car Win At Sears Point

SONOMA, Calif. -- Hugh Plumb, of Chadds Ford, Pa., capitalized off of teammate Pierre Kleinubing's bobble and led a Racing Acura Integra R one-two finish at Round Four of the Speedvision Touring Car Championship,...

SONOMA, Calif. -- Hugh Plumb, of Chadds Ford, Pa., capitalized off of teammate Pierre Kleinubing's bobble and led a Racing Acura Integra R one-two finish at Round Four of the Speedvision Touring Car Championship, part of the Grand Prix of Sonoma at Sears Point Raceway. Don Salama, of Avon, Conn., finished third. Plumb, who started second to Kleinubing, hounded his teammate for the first eight laps and attacked a slight bobble by the Brazilian on lap nine of the 22-lap, 55.44-mile contest. Plumb held on for the remaining laps, and withstood a last-lap, last turn bid by Kleinubing to take the 0.205-second win. Plumb's third-career win came at an average speed of 76.908 mph. "After having mechanical problems the last two races, I don't want to le ave this seat," Plumb said from the center seat in the post-race press conference. "Our team really attacked the problems we were having and tested until they were solved. In the last turn, I felt the essence of the 'old' Pierre [Kleinubing] moving inside, but he didn't have much traction coming onto the straight, and had to tuck back inside." RealTime Racing has won all four Speedvision Touring Car races in 2000, and Plumb becomes the third team driver to record a victory. Kleinubing re-gained the points lead (99 to 87 over Neal Sapp) he lost w hen his car failed to make the start of Round Three, and was quick to give credit to his teammate. "I made a mistake, and Hugh jumped at the opportunity," said Kleinubing. "I've been working on driving to win the Championship, and not just to win the race. The old Pierre might have tried something a little risky after that, but it's good to be second -- especially when it's your teammate in first." Salama, driving the No. 94 Turner Motorsport/H&R Springs BMW 328is, made a big jump from his sixth starting spot as the green lights came on for the standing start. Salama dogged the two Acuras for the majority of the race, but a late-race battle with Mike Fitzgerald allowed the two to get away. It was a career-best for Salama, who also won the Borla Performance Award in the process. "Yesterday was the first time I ever drove at this track, and it's a very technical one to learn," said Salama. "At the start, I moved out to the drag strip and the rubber helped my traction as I shifted into second and third gears. I was able to run with the Acuras, but I dropped a wheel at one point, and Mike [Fitzgerald] was on me. We're really happy with the result." Fitzgerald, of Phoenix, held on for fourth, followed by Steve Pfeffer, of Etna, N.H.

SONOMA, Calif. -- Results from Saturday's 22-lap, 55.44-mile Speedvision World Challenge Touring Car Championship Round Four Race, part of the Grand Prix of Sonoma at Sears Point Raceway, with finishing position, starting position in parenthesis, driver, hometown, car, laps complete and reason out, if any.

<pre> 1. (2), Hugh Plumb, Chadds Ford, Pa., Acura Integra R, 22. 2. (1), Pierre Kleinubing, Erexim, Brazil, Acura Integra R, 22. 3. (6), Don Salama(R), Avon, Conn., BMW 328is, 22. 4. (3), Mike Fitzgerald(R), Phoenix, Ariz., BMW 328ci, 22. 5. (4), Steve Pfeffer(R), Etna, N.H., BMW 328is, 22. 6. (7), Kevin Schrantz, Boulder, Colo., Acura Integra R, 22. 7. (9), Will Turner, Newburyport, Mass., BMW 328is, 22. 8. (12), Alfred DuPont, Kennett Square, Pa., BMW 328is, 22. 9. (5), Paul Alderman(R), Newark, Del., BMW 328is, 22. 10. (14), Neal Sapp(R), Elicott City, Md., BMW 328ci, 22. 11. (16), Roger Foo(R), Hayward, Calif., Honda, 22. 12. (17), Mark C. Reed, London, England, Acura Integra R, 22. 13. (8), Terry McCarthy(R), Mountain View, Calif., BMW 328i, 22. 14. (13), Shauna Marinus(R), Folsom, Calif., BMW 328ci, 22. 15. (21), Jason Potter, Deltona, Fla., Honda Integra R, 22. 16. (23), Peter Ackroyd(R), New Zeland, BMW 328is, 22. 17. (24), Drew Hagestad(R), Long Beach, Calif., VW Jetta, 22. 18. (22), Tom Baker(R), Wilmington, Del., BMW 328is, 22. 19. (25), Mike Buzzetti(R), San Francisco, Calif., Oldsmobile Achieva, 22. 20. (28), Kim Wolfkill(R), Laguna Beach, Calif., Toyota Celica, 22. 21. (30), Fred Pignataro, E. Northport, N.Y., BMW 328, 22. 22. (15), Taz Harvey, Danville, Calif., Acura Integra R, 21. 23. (10), Bob Nagel(R), Tampa, Fla., Acura Integra R, 21. 24. (29), Fred Meyer, Dallas, Texas, Acura Integra R, 21. 25. (20), David Rosenblum, Langhorne, Pa., Mazda 626, 18, Mech. 26. (26), Leo Capaldi(R), Lenox Twp., Mich., Mercury Cougar, 18. 27. (11), Ken Dobson(R), Carmel Valley, Calif., Pont Sunfire GT, 17, Mech. 28. (31), Albert Mirko, Morgan Hill, Calif., Mercury Cougar, 17, Mech. 29. (27), Rick Ellinger, N. Potomac, Md., Mercedes 190E, 16. 30. (32), Peter Bovenberg(R), Campbell, Calif., Honda Civic, 16. 31. (19), Steve Lisa, Scottsdale, Ariz., Mazda 626, 16. 32. (18), Grant Lockwood, Cumming, Ga., Honda Prelude, 4, Mech. 33. (33), David Mills(R), Cupertino, Calif., Acura Integra, 2, Mech. Time of race: 43 minutes, 15.071 seconds. Average speed: 76.908 miles-per-hour Margin of victory: 0.205-second Lap leaders: Laps 1-8, Kleinubing; laps 9-22, Plumb Fastest race lap: Pierre Kleinubing, 1:51.442 (81.405 mph), Record Fastest qualifier: Pierre Kleinubing, 1:49.864 (82.574 mph), Record

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