Pirelli World Challenge continues to gain strength

The PWC is quickly becoming a premier sports car racing league in North America.

The Pirelli World Challenge. Many unfamiliar with the series are now left saying, where did they come from? Since its inception in the mid 80's, World Challenge racing has seen nothing but growth.

At the turn of the century, they were forced to separate their GT and touring car classes due to an expanding field. Eventually, they surpassed Trans-Am in popularity and started having their races televised on delay nationally. Now events are live-streamed for fans to enjoy.

So what is it they're doing so right?

FIA GT3 cars, running FIA approved aero packages for competition starting in 2014 was a HUGE step forward for the series. With the addition of Ferrari 458s, McLaren MP4s, and many other iconic supercars, fan interest and depth of the field sky rocketed.

Now, multiple TUSC-based GT teams are actually switching to the PWC, including the newly crowned GTD champions (Turner Motorsport). Another thing they've done to help gain new eyeballs is run as a companion event to already established series, such as IndyCar.

They are doing nothing but growing and will continue to do so as many other disciplines struggle to maintain their current fan bases, resorting to gimmicks and other ploys to attract the casual fan.

The PWC hasn't needed to resort to such tactics, which is another trait that makes it very appealing ... Just the purity of it. As long as they don't stray from this path, I see no reason why the PWC won't soon become the premier racing division for GT teams in North America.

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