Mosport: K-PAX/3R race report

Galati finishes his K-PAX/3R Racing Porsche 3rd in Mosport SPEED GT race as Pobst gets a bad start Round 8 of the SPEED World Challenge GT Championship Series at Mosport Park in Ontario Canada was a 2 part race for both Randy Pobst and...

Galati finishes his K-PAX/3R Racing Porsche 3rd in Mosport SPEED GT race as Pobst gets a bad start

Round 8 of the SPEED World Challenge GT Championship Series at Mosport Park in Ontario Canada was a 2 part race for both Randy Pobst and Michael Galati who started their K-PAX/3R Racing Porsche GT3 Cup cars in the 2nd and 3rd positions on a rain soaked Mosport track.

The race for Michael Galati and his K-PAX/3R Racing Porsche 911 GT3 was a two part affair as the Olmstead Ohio driver blasted off the starting grid to take the early lead on the rain slick Mosport race track.

"I was quite surprised," Michael Galati said of his great start. "I got into turn one and I was all alone in the lead. I got to turn two and I almost went off the track. In fact I think I actually did but I was able to get it back on the track and hold the lead."

While the track was wet Galati held the lead but as the track started to dry the advantage of being a rear heavy car enjoyed by Galati's Porsche on the wet surface became a liability on the drying track as the Toyo rain tires started to overheat.

"Last year I won the race in the wet and today I won in the wet," said Galati with his typical smile during the post race interview. "I was leading when it was wet but once it dried out it was a different story."

Galati first got passed by eventual race winner Eric Curran on lap 8 and then after an extended battle by pole sitter Lawson Aschenbach on lap 19. Galati hung gamely on to finish 3rd.

"My crew chief Dax Raub did a great job today but once the track started to dry up first the Corvette and then the Cadillac went right by me and I couldn't keep up. If the track had stayed wetter longer I would have been fine but when it started to dry out that Corvette just blew right by me.

"In the end I was sliding all over and just hanging on by my teeth! Once it dried out it was all I could do to keep the rear end of the car behind me. The back end kept wanting to pass the front end."

For championship leader Randy Pobst, of Gainesville Georgia, the first part of the race was short, quick and all bad as he stalled his K-PAX Porsche at the start and got smacked by Ron Fellows' Cadillac. The damage forced both Fellows and Pobst to limp around the track to the pits to replace flattened tires and damaged suspension parts.

Pobst made one stop to do a quick repair of the suspension and replace the flat tire but the car was near impossible to drive with one slick and three rain tires so Randy stopped again for further repairs and to change the other three tires to match.

The repair and tire changes dropped Pobst back two laps to his K-PAX team mate Michael Galati who was leading the race at the time the leader. The bad part of the race continued as Pobst got caught speeding in pit lane and had to pit again to serve a stop and go penalty dropping him another lap down.

"There was good news and bad news," said Randy Pobst after the race. "The bad news is that I killed it at the start. It was wet so I wanted to leave the line very gently and I left too gently! I just killed my K-PAX/3R Racing Porsche. It wasn't any other issues it was just me!

"When that happens you are just sitting still and everyone else is moving. With it being wet Ron did everything he could everything he possibly could, as anyone would, to miss me. We just touched but it bent my suspension and flattened my rear tire and it broke his suspension."

"I apologize to Ron Fellows for ruining his race essentially with my mistake," Pobst added.

The rest of the race went well, or as well as it could, for Pobst as he raced himself back up to a 17th place finish scoring valuable championship points that kept him in the lead for the driver's title.

"From there we were just in survival mode and got a lot of help from the K-PAX/3R crew to get the car going again and get what ever we could," Pobst said of the remainder of the race.

"So the bad news is that I screw up the start the good news is that we are still in the point's lead which is amazing! The lead isn't as much as it was but this emphasizes the importance of finishing in the World Challenge series!"

"We can now look at this race as being half full and be glad that the car did not get broken," concluded Randy Pobst of his Mosport GT race!

The 2007 GT championship points leader Randy Pobst's 17th place finish erased a good portion of his lead as Andy Pilgrim finished 4th but Randy still leads the championship by 4 (228 to 224 points). Michael Galati's 3rd place finish gives him 207 points in 4th place.

With Curran's Chevy Corvette winning the race and Aschenbach's Cadillac finishing 2nd Cadillac now leads the Manufacturer Championship presented by Racer Magazine with 53 points to 50 for Chevrolet and 46 for Porsche.

"With only two races remaining it is going to be very hard to erase that lead," said Bob Raub of 3R Racing. "But we aren't going to give up. You can count on that!"

-credit: k-pax/3r

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