K-PAX Racing race 2 report

K-PAX Racing race 2 report
Mar 28, 2011, 1:34 PM


K-PAX Racing St. Petersburg Sunday Race Results

St. Petersburg, Fla. (Mar. 27, 2011) – K-PAX Racing GT Driver Randy Pobst starting on the pole for race two of the St Petersburg Pirelli World Challenge Race took advantage of the Volvo S60’s all wheel drive system and led the field of 46 cars into turn one.

Randy kept his lead until lap three when the Porsche of James Sofranos passed on the front straight. On lap 6 the Porsche of eventual race winner Patrick Long used the draft of the Volvo on the front straight to get by Pobst.

Randy maintained third position for the next twenty three laps and with 3 laps to go radioed in saying “I think something is wrong with the right front.” On the next left hander something gave way on the right front putting the car into the concrete barrier.

Randy bounced off the wall and came to rest nearly in the apex of the blind turn with high speed traffic just narrowly missing him both on the left and right before Randy got the car to safety.

Randy speaking after the race said, “Something in the suspension broke and the car turned into the wall. I had no control. I’m so glad the cars coming from behind were able to avoid me!”

Robb Holland driving the K-PAX Volvo C30 in the Touring Class finished the day in sixth place and picked up some extra credit along the way by passing the most cars on the standing start earning him the Hole Shot Award.

Robb said of the start, “The C30 is great on the start with the torque and front wheel drive. I kept to the outside into turn one and everyone bunched up on the inside. It was great!”

Aaron Povoledo finished in tenth place in the Touring Car field of 17 cars after having to stop in the pits during the race for a mechanical.

Aaron said “The C30 is a good car. It handles great, we need to work on a few areas but we have a solid chassis that can run with the other cars in this series.”

-source: world-challenge.com

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