BimmerWorld adds Nick Esayian to lineup

Nick Esayian Joins BimmerWorld SPEED Touring Car Team for 2008 Popular SPEED Touring Car pilot to drive the ...

Nick Esayian Joins BimmerWorld SPEED Touring Car Team for 2008
Popular SPEED Touring Car pilot to drive the #34 BMW E90 alongside James Clay and Seth Thomas in a bid for wins and a championship.

After years of racing the familiar orange and white cars from RealTime Racing, fan favorite Nick Esayian announced his switch to the winning blue BimmerWorld BMW E90's from Dublin, Virginia.

Esayian, ready to start his 5th season of SCCA SPEED World Challenge Touring Car, sees the move to James Clay's team as a strategic but friendly move, intended to boost his goals of becoming a regular visitor to the podium.

"There's no drama in leaving RTR--they run a first class operation and we remain great friends. I just needed a change after last year," noted Esayian. Coming back for a fifth year would not have been a bad decision by any means, but I think the fans will be excited to see me in a BMW, along with Seth and James, battling the Orange and White cars along with the Mazdas, Audis, and all the other great marques. There is always a little bit of extra pressure and excitement when you are slated to battle guys you use to race with. I think we will convert some Acura enthusiasts over to BMW fans. I'm putting orange mirrors on my E90 so no one will have withdrawals--." he joked.

The switch to the rear-wheel drive inline-six cylinder BimmerWorld BMW isn't a concern to Nick after mastering front-wheel drive cars with RTR. "In 2004 the biggest adjustment in jumping up to a World Challenge car was not the front drive, but so much power in a front-wheel drive car. It took me a solid year to discipline myself not to just mash the throttle after the apex."

A solid testing regimen is in order for Nick to get up to speed in his new #34 BMW. "Most of the fast Touring Car guys can make the switch effectively with a few solid days of testing. The E90 is obviously a very balanced car to start with so what BimmerWorld has learned over the last few years really equates to a strong car that should be extremely competitive in 2008. We will have the opportunity to test prior to Sebring, get acclimated to the car, and learn from what James and Seth have gleaned over the last few years. I am pretty excited to get into the car but it should be a quick adjustment from the TSX."

For Esayian, one of the joys of 2008 will be joining two good friends in a concerted championship effort. "James (Clay) and Seth (Thomas) were some of the first guys I met in my rookie year in 2004 and we have battled on the track and become good friends off the track. They always raced hard, clean, and overcame adversity. They earned a lot of respect in the paddock in doing so. Their team collectively has done and outstanding job in developing the E90 which was a formidable project. In terms of going into battle in 2008 I think we will be a force to be reckoned with. The E90 is fast and reliable, the team is experienced, and the three of us are in a position to help one another get atop the podium and potentially a championship. I can't wait!"

Team owner James Clay is equally as excited to have Esayian in the BimmerWorld fold. "What can I say--he's really fast, the fans love him, the series officials respect him highly, and he's a real team player. I know that with Nick in the #34, we'll have the strongest BimmerWorld team yet."

As Clay and Thomas work to add more wins and a championship to the team's history, Esayian knows what's needed for him to chase a title with BimmerWorld. "For four years I've watched these guys overcome various challenges that would have forced other teams to put the cars on a trailer and go home. More than any other sport, racing has its challenges, and the key is to be prepared, be smart, and never quit and the BW guys clearly demonstrate these traits. They had some great results last year including Joey Hand posting a win at Mid Ohio and James and Seth being on the podium. With three consistent drivers we should be a pretty solid threat."

While he's focused on the challenges ahead of him in a new car and new team, Esayian also knows how critical delivering consistent results will be in his hunt for a title. "I don't think you can win a championship if you DNF more than once so being consistent is critical. There are a couple of guys who have won a race here or there but also manage to crash their way out of the points race. It's a balance to push hard and not overstep the laws of physics. I've had some podium opportunities and have not capitalized on them, so first and foremost, I need to focus in 2008 and finally get some champagne sprayed in my eyes!"

Along with the new team and car, Esayian is also bringing a new sponsor to dress his car. "One of my companies is marketing a book on TV called Debt Cures "They Don't Want You to Know About". It's an extremely popular book focused on helping people get financially healthy. You see stories every day in the media regarding debt, mortgages, etc. Certainly our goal is to make money but also to help people feel like they are not alone in getting over the hump financially. Our racing effort will support the sale of the book."

It's Esayian's ongoing commitment to a charity that should also resonate with fans and teams wanting to make a donation to a very worthy foundation in 2008. "Of course we will continue our support of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The foundation provides grants to the children of Special Forces soldiers killed in action or training. It's really moving to meet some of the kids we have helped. The Special Ops guys always pick an event to come out and support us at the track which is always a treat. These guys are larger than life and you can't help but feel great about giving something back to them."

With the team of Clay, Thomas, and Esayian now in place for 2008, BimmerWorld's impressive, winning year in 2007 looks set to be topped. If Nick has anything to say about it, he'll be the first BimmerWorld driver in 2008 to spray champagne--in his eyes--


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