Pikes Peak Press Notes 30-70, Saturday

Press Notes 30-70, Saturday 27 September, 1997 31. GOOD MORNING and welcome to the second day of the Festival of Road Racing at Pikes Peak International Raceway. SportsCar has qualifying for the Black Magic Pro Series, the Exxon Supreme GT ...

Press Notes 30-70, Saturday

27 September, 1997

31. GOOD MORNING and welcome to the second day of the Festival of Road Racing at Pikes Peak International Raceway. SportsCar has qualifying for the Black Magic Pro Series, the Exxon Supreme GT Series Presented by Virgin Interactive and the Exxon World SportsCar Championship cars this morning. The three-hour SPEEDVISION Cup for Stock SportsCars race starts at 4:30 pm.

32. GREEN FLAG drops at 8:00 am to start the 30-minute qualifying session for Black Magic Pro Series cars...#83 Mike Davies sets fastest pace early in the session with a lap of 59.510 77.98 mph, followed by his teammate #38 Victor Calderon 59.924 77.44 mph, #80 John Jernigan Jr. 59.993 77.35 mph...Davies retains lead throughout session with #42 Mike Anderson moving up the grid throughout the eight cars are within one second of one each nother...CHECKERED FLAG drops at 8:30 am to end session...#83 Mike Davies retains pole with early time of 59.510 77.98 mph, ...this is the third consecutive pole for Davies, sixth of the season. The only event where he hasn't started on the pole is Sears Point in July, but he ended up winning the race. He has won from the pole only once this season, at Mosport in August. He also has two second-place finishes.

33. DRIVER QUOTE: "The track is like a big Malibu Grand Prix go-kart track -- but that's good because it's very challenging. You have to setup the car to get a good balance between the speeds of Turn 1 and 2, and the slow speeds of the infield. Pikes Peak is a lot more fun and challenging than Las Vegas."

34. 10:00 am, GREEN FLAG starts the 15-minute qualifying session for Exxon Supreme GTS-3 cars. Four minutes into the session and David Murry in the #39 Porsche 911 and Bill Auberlen in the #10 BMW M3 are swapping fastest lap. Murry is currently fastest with a time of 54.847 84.61 mph 10:08 pm, SportsCar Starter has displayed the Black Flag to the #7 BMW for changing a tire during qualifying, which is against the SportsCar rules. SportsCar Timing and Scoring stopped timing the #7 BMW after it changed the tire 10:12 am, With two minutes remaining in the session, Murry remains the fastest in the #39 Porsche, with Auberlen in the #10 BMW second. Cort Wagner has moved up to third fastest with a time of 55.580 83.49 mph.

35. 10:15 am, CHECKERED FLAG ends the session. David Murry earns his second GTS-3 pole of the year and his career. His other pole came last week at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

36. GTS-3 POLE WINNER, DAVID MURRY, #39 Porsche 911 - "We're happy with the car. The Pirelli tires worked really well. This track is very hard on tires. It eats tires up like crazy so we're trying to set the car up to be as easy on tires as possible, which, I'm sure, the BMWs are doing as well. Now we'll see which can conserve its tires the most during the race. We're very happy with our situation. The car worked well."

37. 10:25 am, GREEN FLAG starts the 15-minute qualifying session for Exxon Supreme GTS-2 and GTS-3 cars 10:28 am, On his third lap, Allan McNish in the #01 Porsche 911 GT1 sets a fast time of 51.258 90.53mph McNish sets another fast lap on his fourth, with lap of 51.125 90.61mph Second fastest is the #66 Panoz of O'Connell, with a fast lap of 51.437 90.22 mph 10:30 am, Fastest in GTS-2 is Price Cobb in the #99 Porsche 911 Turbo with a lap of 53.721 86.38 mph, followed by Nick Ham in the #61 Porsche 911 Turbo with a fast time of 54.075 85.81 mph Julian Bailey in the #46 Lister Storm started the session late but has moved up to third overall, with a lap of 51.90 89.40mph 10:35 am, NEW FASTEST LAP: Butch Leitzinger in the #96 Panoz has jumped to the top of the time sheets with a fast lap of 51.022 90.95 mph. Panoz teammate O'Connell in the #66 car moves up to second fastest with a lap of 51.151 90.72 mph. McNish and the #01 Porsche are sitting on pit lane, apparently not attempting to regain the top spot 10:40 am. CHECKERED FLAG ends the qualifying session, with Butch Leitzinger in the #96 Panoz earns his first GTS-1 pole of the season and his career. Leitzinger earned seven poles in his GTU days (2 poles in 1992 and 5 poles in 1993). =

38. GTS-1 POLE WINNER, Butch Leitzinger, #96 Panoz GTR1 - "It's my first time racing with these guys here in the States (Leitzinger has raced the Panoz in the FIA GT Championship in Europe) and I was a little bit slow to begin with. I think I was the slowest of the European-type cars in the practice sessions and I was banging my head all night trying to think of what I was doing wrong. We made some changes in the car that helped out on the banking part of the course and I think the track got slicker than it was yesterday, which might have caught some of the other cars out because they're a bit slower than yesterday, I believe. I think we just kind of guessed at the right setup and it all came through. The oval is pretty crucial. You have to set up the car largely for that and that gives us a car on the infield that isn't very well suited for that. It turns out that you have both ends sliding through the infield and you have the rear end coming around all the time. It should be exciting for the fans to watch but it's a little too exciting inside the cockpit."

GTS-2 POLE WINNER, Price Cobb, #99 Porsche 911 Turbo - "I was concerned because I kind of let the Schumacher guys down by not being able to be here on Thursday. That hurts when you're at a new track and our ability to end up where we are is a real tribute to the Schumacher crew. We're trying very hard to make the tires last. The banking introduces a new aspect to tire life. We believe we were able to win at Las Vegas just because of tire life. This race will hinge on tire life. The race will be a stunner. The difficulty in GTS-2 will be to balance the power of the 911 Turbo against the smaller tires that the GTS-3 cars have to use. And we carry more weight, to boot."

39. 10:50 am, GREEN FLAG starts the 25-minute practice session for Exxon World SportsCars. This session will be followed by a five-minute break and then a 20-minute qualifying session 11:15 pm, CHECKERED FLAG ends the practice session. Fastest in the session is Didier Theys in the #27 Ferrari with a fast lap of 48.926 94.85mph, the only driver under 49 seconds. Second fastest is Butch Leitzinger in the #20 Ford R&S MK III, with a lap of 49.048 94.61 mph, followed by Montermini in the #30 Ferrari, whose fast lap was 49.108 94.49 mph.

40. 11:20 am, GREEN FLAG starts the 20-minute Exxon World SportsCar Championship qualifying session. Five minutes into the session, the fastest is Andrea Montermini in the #30 Ferrari with a lap of 48.716 95.25 mph, followed by Didier Theys in the #27 Ferrari with a lap of 48.961 94.78 mph. Third fastest, and the only other driver under 49 seconds, is Leitzinger in the #20 Ford R&S MK III whose fastest lap is 48.964 94.77 mph. 11:35 am, with five minutes remaining, the order remains the same, although Theys in the #27 Ferrari has improved his time to a 48.955 94.79 mph 11:40 am, CHECKERED FLAG ends the session. The pole winner is Andrea Montermini in the #30 Ferrari 333 SP, whose fastest lap is 48.716 95.25mph, followed by #27 Ferrari of Didier Theys at 48.915 94.87, just 0.199 off the lead.

41. THIRD FASTEST is Leitzinger #20 Ford R&S MK III with lap of 48.964 94.77 #1 Oldsmobile R&S MK III with Wayne Taylor driving is fourth with lap of 49.251 94.22 mph. The difference between first and eighth positions is 0.945 seconds.

42. THE POLE for Montermini is his third of the season and the seventh for Ferrari this year. Montermini will receive the Make-A-Wish Award Pole Award on the starting grid prior to tomorrow's race. The award is $3,000 to the pole winner and $7,000 to the local Make-A-Wish chapter. Additionally, there is a year-end of $10,000 and a trophy to the driver that earns the most pole positions. Montermini, with three, has the most. The Make-A-Wish Pole Award is made possible by Team MSI, a team competing in the Exxon World SportsCar Championship. Team MSI fields the #88 Chevrolet R&S MK III driven this weekend by Ross Bentley and Alex Caffi. Team MSI also hosts a local Make-A-Wish family at the race track. Team MSI sponsors include Winchester, Ryder and Jones Chemicals.

43. EXXON WORLD SPORTSCAR CHAMPIONSHIP POLE WINNER - Andrea Montermini, #30 Ferrari 333 SP: "We had quite a difficult time in Colorado last week; I think Colorado is paying us back! (the team's transporter was involved in a single-vehicle incident just west of Denver last week on the way to Las Vegas). ON THE FAST LAP: "I wasn't very happy with my fast lap because I found traffic. In the session earlier I went quicker. I went out and set my lap, then I was trying to go slow and find a break in traffic to go for a faster lap but I couldn't get it. Even on my fast lap I had traffic. So I came in with four minutes to go because the tires were starting to go."

44. In the Exxon World SportsCar Championship grid, the #16 Ford R&S MK III will be moved to the back of the grid due to an engine change after qualifying.




#60 WSC ADD Mike David/Corona, CA and Kris Wilson/Corona del Mar, CA






#7 S ADD Taz Harvey/Danville, CA

#24 S ADD David Lapham/Bronxville, NY and DELETE Kris Skavnes

#29 GS CORRECT SPELLING Bernardo Sa' Nogueira

#44 T ADD Bob Schader/Boulder, CO

#49 C ADD Frank del Vecchio/Trumbull, CT and DELETE Kris Skavnes

#94 T ADD Frank del Vecchio/Trumbull CT and Jim Lovette/Ontario,

Canada and DELETE Karl Hulcher

#96 C SCRATCH entry

#08 GS SCRATCH entry

#09 GS ADD David Murry/Atlanta, GA and DELETE Pat Patterson

46. SportsCar press notes will resume with the start of the SPEEDVISION Cup race at 4:30 pm.




#82 GTS-1 ADD Scott Harrington, Indianapolis, IN



#25 GS ADD Randy Pobst/Melbourne, FL

48. 4:30 pm, GREEN FLAG drops to start the 3-hour SPEEDVISION Cup for Stock SportsCars race. The overall leader is Chuck Goldsborough in the #88 Toyota Supra Turbo.

49. 4:32 pm, FULL COURSE CAUTION to remove the #22 Honda Civic Del Sol that has come to a stop on the apron between turns one and two...While under caution, the #24 Honda Prelude VTEC has a loose left front wheel. Crew reports that one of the five studs for lug nuts has broken off. Track workers report they have found lug nuts on the track that probably came from the #24 car.

50. 4:40 pm, GREEN FLAG restarts the race as the leaders complete lap 6...As the field completes lap eight, the leaders are:

Grand Sports: #88, #70,#92

Sports: #7, #9, #81

Touring: #03, #38, #82

Compact: #75, #97, #23

51. After 11 laps, the gap between first and second in Grand Sports has increased to 2.9 seconds...#77(GS) and #37(GS) come together in the infield, both continue to the pit lane...4:49 pm, After 15 laps, the gap between #88(GS) and #70(GS) has increased to 5.9 seconds...4:56 pm, The gap between the #88 and #70, the overall and Grand Sports leaders has increased to 7.9 seconds...In Sports, the gap between the leader #7 and #9 is at 4.7 seconds...In Touring, the gap between the leader #03 and #38 is only 1.3 seconds...In Compact, the gap between the leader #97 and #75 is 11.5 seconds.

52. The #0 Pontiac Firebird Formula that had qualified third is reported to have a flat left front tire. The car comes to the pits and the crew replaces the tire which they believe was "sliced" by debris on the track...5:07 pm, #70(GS), second overall, comes to the pits, the crew raises the hood for inspection...Also coming to the pit lane is the #40(C). It too has its hood raised for further inspection by the crew...Crew of the #70 reports that there was a hole in the fuel hose causing fuel to spill onto driver Nick Ham's feet. Crew replaces the fuel line and sends the car back out...Crew of #40 reports the engine ran out of oil. They aren't sure why but suspect that the oil cap may have been loose.

53. 5:11 pm, #32 pits for fuel and a right rear tire which has gone "bad". No further explanation from the crew.

54. 5:15 pm, At the one-quarter mark, the leaders are:

Grand Sports: #88, #92, #29

Sports: #7, ##9, #81

Touring: #03, #38, #82

Compact: #97, #75, #23

55. 5:19 pm, The #95 has retired due to overheating. The track temperature on pit lane is 104 degrees and approximately 15 degrees warmer on the track.

56. 5:24 pm, FULL COURSE CAUTION due to the incident between #31(T) and a couple of other cars...LEADER PITS, #88(GS) Goldsborough pits, fuel and front tires, Van Cleef gets in...#27(GS) Wilkins pits, routine, Maxwell takes over...#31(T) goes to the paddock with front end damage...#47(GS) pits, routine, Kohler out, Smith in...#17(GS) pits, routine, Turner out and Lapcevich get in...#92(GS) pits, Schardt out, Collins in, crew reports a front end problem...#61(GS)pits, fuel only...#29(GS) pits, Thompson out and Sa'Nogueira in...9(S) pits, McMillin out, Hill in, right-side tires and fuel only... #59(s) pits, fuel only, Doolin out and Peeler in...#81(S) pits, fuel only, Fitzgerald out, Lazarro in...#00(T) pits, Hartman out, Law in, routine.

57. 5:40 pm, GREEN FLAG restarts the race...#32(GS) and #23(C) are black flagged for passing under the yellow...#47(GS), third overall, is black flagged for a dragging rocker panel. #47 rejoins in sixth place...#38(T) pits, Hein out, Green in, Green makes one lap and returns to pit lane, crew removes front wheels and inspects the suspension...5:57 pm, #17(GS) pits, fuel and rear tires, the crew gets down on the ground and inspect the undercarriage.

58. 6:00 pm, HALFWAY POINT in the race and the leaders are:

Grand Sports: #88, #2, #21, #47, #39

Sports: #86, #81, #7, #59, #9

Touring: #03, #42, #36, #43, #82

Compact: #75, #97, #23, #67, #49

59. 6:08 pm, The battle for the overall and Grand Sports-class lead is shaping up to be identical to last week's race at Las Vegas. Eric Van Cleef in the #88 Toyota Supra Turbo is leading Doug Goad in the #2 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am.

60. 6:30 pm,FULL COURSE CAUTION with ONE HOUR TO GO as #94(T) has pulled off course on the pit lane exit with a fire burning underneath the car. Driver out and okay. Fire is extinguished...A round of pit stops ensue: LEADER PITS, #88(GS) pits for right-side tires and fuel...Second place car #70(GS) pits for fuel and oil, Ham out and Tremblay in...#21(GS), third place overall, pits, fuel and driver change, Pfeffer out and Snipes in...#47(GS) pits with a clutch problem...#2(GS) pits for a splash of fuel...#86(S), Sports-class leader pits, Skavnes out, Harvey in...#9(S) Fuel and check front tire pressure.

61. 6:36 pm, GREEN FLAG restarts the race

62. 6:46 pm, FULL COURSE CAUTION to remove a cone that has been dragged out on the race track.

63. 6:52 pm, GREEN FLAG restarts the race with approximately 39 minutes remaining. The Full Course Yellow has bunched up the field. The leading #88(GS) car of Eric Van Cleef is less than one second ahead of the second place #2(GS) car of Doug Goad.

64. 6:57 pm, #2(GS) pits to change the right front tire that was cut by debris it ran over on the track. The stop puts the #2 car back to fourth place overall and in Grand Sports...

65. 7:00 pm, With 30 minutes remaining, the leaders in each class are:

GRAND SPORTS: #88 Van Cleef, #70, #46, #2, #29 (Gap 1st to 2nd is 19 seconds)

SPORTS: #81 Lazarro, #86, #59, #9, #7 (Gap 1st to 2nd is 16 seconds)

TOURING: #82 Cunningham, #43, #03, #36, #41 (Gap 1st to 2nd is 68 seconds)

COMPACT: #75 Wilson, #23, #97, #67, #49 (Gap 1st to 2nd is 8 seconds)

66. 7:09 pm, #97(C), third place in Compact, comes to pit lane with an apparent overheating problem. Crew tries to force water into the radiator and sends the car back out. He keeps his third place in Compact...7:13 pm, #59(S), third place in Sports pits with what the driver thinks is a flat rear tire. The crew checks it out, changes both rear tires and sends him back out where he is now in fifth place in Sports. Corner workers report that it appears the #59 car has a "hot" wheel, perhaps from a bad shock.

67. 7:15 pm, #86(S), second in Sports, is Black Flagged for a dragging piece of bodywork. Car pits, crew removes a hanging brake duct and sends him back out. The loose bodywork was possibly caused when the driver went off course in the infield section approximately 30 minutes ago.

68. 7:21 pm, FULL COURSE CAUTION to remove a piece of pipe in turn five and a nose piece from a Honda in turn three.

69. 7:28 pm, GREEN AND WHITE FLAG restarts the race with one lap to go.

70. 7:30 PM, CHECKERED FLAG ends the race. The winners in each class are:

Grand Sports: Eric Van Cleef and Chuck Goldsborough, #88 Toyota Supra Turbo. The win is the second of the season for Van Cleef and Goldsborough, winners earlier this season at Sebring. It is Van Cleef's tenth career win in the series.

Sports: Mike Fitzgerald and Anthony Lazarro, #81 BMW 328is. Fitzgerald now has three wins this season in the #81 BMW (Atlanta & Sears Point). Lazarro shared the Atlanta win, his only victory in the series.

Touring: Jason Potter and Peter Cunningham, #82 Honda Accord EX. It is the first win this season for both drivers. Potter now has three career wins; Cunningham has 23 career wins. Cunningham is now tied for third on the all-time win list in the series.

Compact: David Daughtery and John Phillips, #75 Nissan 200 SX-SER. The win is the second of the season for the duo, having won the season-opener at Daytona. Daughtery now has 11 career wins and Phillips has four wins.

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