Mosport Sunday Press Notes

Mosport Sunday Press Notes
Sep 1, 1997, 12:19 PM

69. GOOD AFTERNOON and welcome to Day 4 of the Mosport Festival. Weather is cloudy with a threat of rain. Track conditions at race time are dry with puddles in some areas off the racing line. 70. If a Ferrari wins the 2-hour Professional ...

69. GOOD AFTERNOON and welcome to Day 4 of the Mosport Festival. Weather is cloudy with a threat of rain. Track conditions at race time are dry with puddles in some areas off the racing line.

70. If a Ferrari wins the 2-hour Professional SportsCar Championship race, it will be the first time since Sept. 26, 1964, that a Ferrari has won a major event at Mosport. It also mark the first time that a Canadian has driven a Ferrari in an international event since the late Gilles Villeneuve drove for the Formula 1 Ferrari team.

71. GREEN FLAG drops to start 2-hour WSC race at 2:37 pm-all cars on racing slicks-two pace laps will be run to start the race with the pace car pulling into the pits second time around-Ron Fellows in #43Acxiom Ferrari 333SP into lead going into Turn 1, everyone in good order through first lap-#19BMW Argo P spins in Turn 5 on lap 2-into gravel pit, back on course, into pits to clean grass out of front wing, back out-full course yellow-one lap run under yellow flag-Hermann in #30 Ferrari 333SP slows down on track through Turn 4, tire going down, will return to pits for complete tire change, fuel-Fellows maintains lead through first five laps-#16 Ford R&S MK III second, followed by #1 Ford R&S MK III of James Taylor.

72. #30 MOMO Ferrari 333SP 2 laps down at 10-minute mark-Elliott Forbes-Robinson brings #20 Ford R&S MK III in for unscheduled pit stop at 16-minute mark on lap #14-fuel only, back out-#43 Axciom Ferrari 333SP with Fellows driving maintains 3-second lead on #16 Ford R&S MK III of Butch Leitzinger-.#63 Mazda Kudzu with Barry Waddell driving pits, fuel, left front tire change at 22-minute mark

73. AT THE HALF-HOUR MARK-top five cars are:

#43 Ferrari 333SP/Ron Fellows #16 Ford R&S MK III/Butch Leitzinger #1 Oldsmobile R&S MK III/James Taylor #3 Ferrari 333SP/Eduardo Dibos #4 Oldsmobile R&S MK III/Jochamowitz

74. #1 Oldsmobile R&S MK III pits, tires & fuel-Taylor out, Van de Poele in-#4 Chevrolet R&S MK III spins, back on track, pits, fuel, tires, Neto Jochamowitz out, Pace in-#16 Ford R&S MK III pits, tires, fuel, Leitzinger stays in car-#88 Chevrolet R&S MK III pits, fuel, tires-Bentley out, Jones in-#17 Olds Courage off course at Turn 6, safety car out-#88 Chevrolet R&S MK III spins Turn 1, back on course, continues-#28 Olds Spice pits, tires and fuel, Field stays in-#43 Ferrari 333SP pits at 42:35 mark-tires, fuel, Fellows out, Morgan in-#20 Ford R&S MK III pits, fuel, tires, Forbes-Robinson stays in-#17 Olds Courage towed back into the pits after spin, half-shaft broken crew working to get it back in race. YELLOW FLAG while tow truck on course-#27 Ferrari 333SP pits, fuel, tires, Moretti out, Theys in-#4 Oldsmobile R&S MK III pits, clean out the grass, add fuel, Pace stays in-#3 Ferrari 333SP pits fuel, tires Hermann out, Montermini in.

75. GREEN FLAG drops at 50-minute mark to restart the race with #43 Ferrari 333SP with Rob Morgan driving in fourth place-#16 Ford R&S MK III with Leitzinger still driving takes lead-#1 less than 1 second behind-#20 Ford R&S MK III slows on course between Turns 3 and 4 at 58-minute mark, pits crew reporting bad vibration from drive change,Forbes-Robinson out of car-#16 Ford R&S MK III losing fluid-#17 Olds Courage back in race, Guimont out, Mucha driving.

76. AT THE HALF-WAY MARK, top five cars are: 1.) #16 Ford R&S MK III/Leitzinger, 2.) #1 Oldsmobile R&S MK III/van de Poele, 3.)#43 Ferrari 333SP/Morgan 4.)#27 Ferrari 333SP/Theys, 5.) 3 Ferrari 333SP/Velez

77. #63 pits, fuel, tires, Waddell out, Downing in-#28 slows on course at Turn 4A, drives back to pits slowly-FULL COURSE YELLOW at 1:15 mark for #28, which gets itself back to pits-Jim Pace in #4 off course at Turn 3, engine failure-out of race-#1 pits, tire and fuel, Van De Poele out, Taylor in-#43 pits, fuel and tires, Morgan stays in-#3 pits fuel, tires, Velez stays in-#16 pits, tires and fuel, Leitzinger out, Weaver in-#30 pits, gas and fuel, Montermini stays in-#88 pits, tire and fuels, Jones out, Bentley in-#27 race leader pits for gas and fuel as GREEN FLAG drops to restart race on lap 56.

78. #4 Oldsmobile R&S MK III retires with what the crew reports as engine drive train failure -#19 BMW Argo P retires with broken steering-#1 pits, fuel and tires, van de Poele out, Taylor in-.#3 pits, fuel and tires, Dibos out, Velez in-

79. NEW LEADER: #3 Ferrari 333SP takes over lead on lap 60 when Velez passes #1 Oldsmobile R&S MK III to take race lead-#1 pits on lap 61 gas only, adds oil because oil pressure light is on-#28 pits to readjust seat belts-#63 pits, gas only-#3 pits, gas only- #30 pits on lap 74, goes behind wall with left front suspension damage.

80. WITH 10 minutes left in the race, the top five cars are: 1.)#3 Ferrari 333SP/Velez, 2.) #43 Ferrari 333SP/Morgan, 3.) #16 Ford R&S MK III/Weaver, 4.) #1 Oldsmobile R&S MK III/Taylor, 5.)# 27 Ferrari 333SP/Theys

81. #17 pits, fuel and tires, Mucha out, Guimont in-#88 Chevrolet R&S MK III pits to replace ignition box-lead between #3 Ferrari/Velez and #43 Ferrari/Morgan is 8 seconds.

82. With two laps remaining, RACE LEADER # 3 Ferrari/Velez slows through Turns 3 and 4, pulls off near Turn 5 out of gas, giving lead to #43 Ferrari 333SP with Rob Morgan drivin -first victory for #43 Axciom Ferrari and its drivers Rob Morgan and Ron Fellows - Second place, .890 seconds back, is James Weaver in the #16 Ford R&S MK III - Third place goes to the #1 Oldsmobile R&S Mk III of Wayne Taylor and Eric van de Poele - The #3 Ferrari of Velez/Dibos is credited with a fifth place finish

83. UNOFFICIAL DRIVER POINTS STANDINGS: UNOFFICIAL MANUFACTURER POINTS 1.) Elliott Forbes-Robinson 151 1.) Ford 176 2.) James Weaver 145 2.) Ferrari 168 3.) Butch Leitzinger 141 3.) Oldsmobile 141 4.) Rob Morgan 137 4.) Mazda 92 5.) Eduardo Dibos 118 5.) BMW 40

84. THERE WERE six lead changes over the 86 laps. The race was 2 hours, three minutes.205 seconds. The margin of victory was 0.890 seconds. RON FELLOWS led laps 1-30 BUTCH LEITZINGER led laps 31-53 DIDIER THEYS led lap 54 WAYNE TAYLOR led laps 55-59 FERMIN VELEZ led laps 60-84 ROB MORGAN led laps 85-86

85. This concludes the Mosport Festival weekend press notes. Good night!

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