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Davison takes clean sweep at Eastern Creek Coleman takes first podium finish of season in Lexmark-backed Porsche Alex Davison has taken a clean sweep of this weekend's ninth and final round of the Carrera Cup at Eastern Creek International...

Davison takes clean sweep at Eastern Creek
Coleman takes first podium finish of season in Lexmark-backed Porsche

Alex Davison has taken a clean sweep of this weekend's ninth and final round of the Carrera Cup at Eastern Creek International Raceway by clinching both of the 11-lap races run today at the 3.93-kilometre venue.

The 24-year-old held off Carrera Cup Champion Jim Richards in both of the races, the result a perfect end to his 2003 racing season. It was also the first time that the Greg Murphy Racing Team Braun operation has taken a clean-sweep of race wins in a round.

Davison dedicated his success to his late friend Stewart McColl, the 23-year-old from Newcastle who lost his life in a racing crash at Phillip Island in August.

"I wanted to win all three races and that's what we've been able to do," said Davison.

"I'm really happy. The level has certainly stepped up in the Carrera Cup in Australia since I raced with these guys at the Australian Grand Prix support races. All the guys have got a bit more experienced and that showed because it was much closer this weekend."

Jim Richards finished second for the round in the OAMPS Insurance/Greenfield Mowers Porsche after two second-place finishes behind Davison today, the veteran unable to make a move on his younger rival.

Richards is the inaugural champion in the Carrera Cup, having clinched the title in the last round at the Lexmark Indy 300 on the Gold Coast.

Matt Coleman finished third and fifth in today's races, the result enough to put the 30-year-old Victorian on the podium in third overall. It was the former Porsche Cup champion's first podium result of what has proved a difficult season.

"I lost the use of two tyres after the early race today when I ran over a kerb and damaged them so I had to resort to what I had left," he said.

"Third is much better than what we've done all season and it feels good to finish the season on a high after a bad year."

Coleman, of course, suffered a major crash in round six at Sandown in September which virtually destroyed his $252,000 Porsche and forced him to quickly resort to a new body shell to compete in the rest of the championship.

Davison did things easy in the first race today, the second of the weekend. He led away from Coleman and Richards, though the latter forced his way into second on lap three.

Kiwi Kevin Bell ran at the front early but received a drive-through penalty for a jump start and eventually finished 17th, while Tim Leahey received a $1000 fine for spinning young Queenslander Klark Quinn around while fighting for fourth spot on lap two.

Leahey, who qualified on pole position for yesterday's first race, fought back to finish eighth for the round, while Klark's father Tony was on a charge.

In today's first race he charged from 21st on the grid to finish eighth, the result enough to assist in moving him into equal ninth for the round with Kiwi Kevin Bell. Bell's results this weekend were enough for him to retain fifth spot in the overall championship.

Marcus Marshall (VIP Petfoods Racing) had a relatively quiet weekend, closing on Coleman in today's first race but was unable to get past Coleman and had to settle for fourth, the Queenslander taking fourth also in the last race.

Jonathon Webb had a great run on his home track by finishing fifth for the round, ahead of Peter Fitzgerald who forced his way back up the field to take third spot in the last race after a drive through penalty for a jump start in yesterday's opening race.

The Carrera Cup will be presented to Jim Richards this evening as well as whole host of other awards at the Porsche Centre South Sydney, which will host the Official Prize-giving Ceremony.

Next year's Carrera Cup will kick off in Adelaide at the Clipsal 500 in April as teams and drivers take a well-earned break over the summer.

Carrera Cup, Round 9, Race 2 Results (11 laps)
1. Alex Davison, 2. Jim Richards, 3. Matt Coleman, 4. Marcus Marshall, 5. Jonathon Webb, 6. Rodney Jane, 7. Peter Fitzgerald, 8. Tony Quinn, 9. Dean Cook, 10. Paul Pedersen, 11. Dean Grant, 12. Geoff Morgan, 13. Greg Keene, 14. James Dutton, 15. Chris Seidler, 16. Stephen Borness, 17. Kevin Bell, 18. Roger Oakeshott, 19. Tim Leahey, 20. Klark Quinn, 21. John Teulan, DNS. Scott Shearman, DNS. Jack Crocker, DNS. Russell Wright.

Fastest lap -- Alex Davison, 1m35.2256s on lap seven (new lap record).

Carrera Cup, Round 9, Race 3 Results (11 laps)
1. Alex Davison, 2. Jim Richards, 3. Peter Fitzgerald, 4. Marcus Marshall, 5. Matt Coleman, 6. Jonathon Webb, 7. Tony Quinn, 8. Tim Leahey, 9. Rodney Jane, 10. James Dutton, 11. Geoff Morgan, 12. Paul Pedersen, 13. Dean Grant, 14. Kevin Bell, 15. Dean Cook, 16. Stephen Borness, 17. Klark Quinn, 18. Roger Oakeshott, 19. Chris Seidler, 20. Greg Keene, DNS. John Teulan, DNS. Scott Shearman, DNS. Russell Wright, DNS. Jack Crocker.

Fastest lap -- Jim Richards, 1m36.2769s on lap seven.

Round 9 Overall Results:
1. Davison 180, 2. Richards 162, 3. Coleman 132, 4. Marshall 108, 5. Webb 93, 6. Fitzgerald 81, 7. Jane 69, 8. Leahey 63, =9. T.Quinn/Bell 51.

Final championship points:
1. Richards 1475, 2. Marshall 1194, 3. Fitzgerald 1050, 4. Leahey 780, 5. Bell 666, 6. Coleman 663, 7. Pedersen 534, 8. Webb 489, 9. T.Quinn 471, 10. Cook 403.


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