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Coleman uninjured in Sandown roll over Day of high drama at Sandown as Fitzgerald and Richards take the wins Victorian racer Matt Coleman has emerged un-injured after a major roll-over in race one of round six of the Carrera Cup at Sandown...

Coleman uninjured in Sandown roll over
Day of high drama at Sandown as Fitzgerald and Richards take the wins

Victorian racer Matt Coleman has emerged un-injured after a major roll-over in race one of round six of the Carrera Cup at Sandown International Motor Raceway in Melbourne.

The 30-year-old was dicing for the lead in the opening stages of the event with Queenslander Marcus Marshall when the two cars made contact on lap three.

The collision resulted in Coleman's $250,000 Porsche GT3 Cup machine launching into six roll-overs, the spectacular accident prompting the race to come under the control of the Safety Car and subsequently be red- flagged.

Coleman emerged from the car uninjured, however his thoroughbred racing machine has been destroyed. In a true testament to the strength and build quality of his 2003-specification car, the roll cage and safety devices on the vehicle allowed Coleman to climb out of his car un-aided.

There is a Steward's decision pending on the incident.

Originally slated for 14 laps, the race had begun in spectacular fashion, when pole-sitter Jim Richards ran wide into the first corner, allowing Tim Leahey (Greg Murphy Racing - Team Braun) into the lead.

However, the Orange-based racer's run at the front came to an end at the end of lap two when he suffered a clutch failure and was forced to retire.

"In went in hard into turn one with the ABS braking kicking in and I let the clutch out slightly and BANG!" said Leahey.

That handed the lead to Marshall, until the accident with Coleman forced officials to stop the race and award half-points to the drivers.

The win was awarded to ENJO-backed driver Peter Fitzgerald, the Victorian veteran's first of the season. Second place was Andrew Miedecke, with Richards re-covering to finish third.

19-year-old Jonathon Webb scored his best result of the season with fourth- place, while VIP Pet Foods racer Tony Quinn took fifth place.

With the cars only completing a handful of racing laps, the results of the race were declared after four of the scheduled 14 laps.

Dropped coolant claimed some victims, the most notable being 21-year-old rookie Klark Quinn, who had been in a sensational fifth place before coming unstuck and dropping to the rear of the field.

In the second event, Richards fought his way back through the field after a slow start to take his 13th race victory of the season, although he had to work hard for it.

From the front row of the grid, Miedecke made a lightning start, however it was too lightning for the liking of the officials and the Port Macquarie driver was served with a drive-through penalty. He eventually finished 17th.

That handed the lead to Fitzgerald, who led Kiwi Paul Pedersen, Richards and Kevin Bell, though Fitzgerald slid back through the field with clutch problems after a missed gearchange.

Richards carved his way through the pack to take the win from Bell, Pedersen, Webb and Quinn, with Marshall fighting his way through from the back of the field to finish a fast-finishing sixth.

"I got too much wheelspin on the grid and got fifth gear instead of third," said Richards of his poor start.

"I was just going in a lot deeper into the end of the back straight and that's how I got past the guys in front."

Impressive performances came from James Dutton (seventh) and Dean Cook (10th), while Leahey, who started from the rear of field, had worked his way up to 10th before a spin delayed him.

Porsche Cars Australia Managing Director Michael Winkler said that although the Coleman accident was a serious one, the fact that Coleman emerged un- injured showed the strength of the Porsche GT3 Cup machines.

"When Porsche build road cars and race cars, safety is paramount and we saw that today in Matt's accident. The car was very strong and he is un- injured, so that's the most important thing.

"The racing today, however, was brilliant and the third race tomorrow promises to be even closer."

Tomorrow's third and final race will be run at 10.25am over 14 laps. Richards and Bell will start from the front row of the grid.

Carrera Cup, Round 6, Race 1 Results (declared after four laps):

1. Peter Fitzgerald, 2. Andrew Miedecke, 3. Jim Richards, 4. Jonathon Webb, 5. Tony Quinn, 6. Kevin Bell, 7. Charlie O'Brien, 8. Paul Pedersen, 9. Rodney Jane, 10. Dean Cook, 11. Andrew Taplin, 12. Russell Wright, 13. Dean Grant, 14. James Dutton, 15. Greg Keene, 16. Geoff Morgan, 17. Jack Crocker, 18. Roger Oakeshott, 19. Stephen Borness, 20. Chris Seidler, 21. Marc Cini, DNF. Marcus Marshall, DNF. Matt Coleman, DNF. Klark Quinn, DNF. Tim Leahey, DNF. Peter Hill, DNF. Scott Shearman, DNF. John Teulan.

Race 2 Results:

1. Jim Richards, 2. Kevin Bell, 3. Paul Pedersen, 4. Jonathon Webb, 5. Tony Quinn, 6. Marcus Marshall, 7. James Dutton, 8. Charlie O'Brien, 9. Peter Fitzgerald, 10. Dean Cook, 11. Jack Crocker, 12. Russell Wright, 13. Klark Quinn, 14. Andrew Taplin, 15. Greg Keene, 16. Tim Leahey, 17. Andrew Miedecke, 18. Chris Seidler, 19. Peter Hill, 20. Geoff Morgan, 21. Dean Grant, 22. Marc Cini, 23. Stephen Borness, 24. Roger Oakeshott, DNF. Scott Shearman, DNF. Rodney Jane, DNS. John Teulan, DNS. Matt Coleman.


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