Aussie competitors fighting over new Porsche

Porsche Cars Australia will need to turn potential competitors away as it dishes out its 30-strong allocation of the new 992 Cup Car.


PCA has secured an initial allocation of 30 of the new-f0r-2022 cars, the biggest in the history of Carrera Cup racing down under.

That's four more than the allocation for the 991 Gen 2 in late 2017 and eight more than the allocation for the 991 Gen 1 before that.

However there will still be racers that miss out on a spot on the grid next season, with pre-registered orders for the 992 already exceeding the allocation.

"This time around it's quite different," PCA's Head of Motorsport Troy Bundy told

"We're bringing in 30 Cup Cars, which is the biggest allocation that we've ever had. But we've got a lot of pre-registered orders. We've got more orders than cars.

"So it's up to us now to sit down and see who are the potential customers we want in the cars, who's a good fit for us.

"We knew the car was amazing, I saw it being developed over four years. I kept coming back from Germany going 'this car is amazing, we need to order more cars'. I knew the demand would be there.

"The great thing is, because we've got two strong series with Carrera Cup and Sprint Challenge, we already had the pre-registered customer base ready to go. We knew there were guys in Carrera Cup that wanted to continue on and a feeder programme with Sprint Challenge underneath it from which guys want to step up.

"So even within our own existing customer group we knew those cars would sell. And then there are outside people interested as well.

"What we're doing at the moment is reviewing those applications and shortly we'll be going back to our customer group, informing those that have been successful and then going to the next stage of purchasing the vehicle."

While there is no longer an obligation to race in Carrera Cup as part of the purchase contract of a new Cup Car in Australia, Bundy said that the intention of competitors will play a big role in whether their bid is successful.

"There are a bunch of applications that we've just put to one side because we know they aren't appropriate for the car," he said.

"Track day customers who have not intention of racing them, for example.

"We want these cars racing. The customers we're dealing with, we know them. I've sat down with them personally and asked 'what's your plan? What do you want to do here?'.

"We appreciate things can change, like we've seen with COVID, and competitors know that if they can't run for whatever reason, we can help lease the car out. If they sell it, we can be part of that sales process."

With that in mind Bundy is confident the grid will be at, or very close, to a full 30 cars when the 2022 season kicks off.

"Around that mark," he said. "We're definitely bringing in 30 cars and I'm confident they will be sold.

"Our intention is that all of those 30 cars will be racing. I think we'll be there or thereabouts."

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