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Marvin Kirchhöfer proved that you would not put anything past him

During the last ATS Formula 3 Cup season Marvin Kirchhöfer proved that you would not put anything past him. After beating the lap record from the previous year at Nürburgring the 19-year old from Leipzig beat his own record twice in a row at one and the same weekend. This drew the attention of the quadruple WTCC champion Yvan Muller. The Frenchman challenged the current ATS Formula 3 Cup champion to a duel on the ice at Lapland Ice Driving in Sweden last weekend. Even the experienced race driver was surprised by the result. Marvin finished the race on the Nürburgring made of snow 1.6 seconds ahead of him.

Several full-scale reproductions of Formula 1 racetracks were built on the frozen Lake Udjaur in Lapland, Sweden. The legendary Nürburgring and the Silverstone and Le Castellet circuits offer motorsports enthusiasts almost exact 1-to-1 replicas of the real Formula 1 tracks during the winter. However, there is one difference: The tyres of Kirchhöfer's Porsche featured up to 500 spikes. Drifting during his race against Yvan Muller, grip got a whole new meaning. The current ATS Formula 3 Cup champion had tried drifting on snow only once before. Nonetheless, the exceptional talent defeated the old hand on the Swedish Nürburgring. Kirchhöfer finished the timed race 1.6 seconds ahead of his competitor. “It was great and I had a lot of fun. Spending two days here was a fantastic experience,” says the winner. “I did not expect the whole thing to be so amazing.” It does not happen every day that a newcomer defeats Muller. “Marvin has a really good style, perfect control of his car and a good sense for it. I was very impressed,” says the Frenchman. “I had a lot of fun with Marvin.”

Yvan Muller
Yvan Muller

Photo by: Citroën Communication

A reunion might not be far off

First and foremost, ice driving is supposed to be fun, but it also requires good reflexes and full concentration. Yvan Muller, quadruple WTCC champion and Lapland Ice Driving spokesman, is a very experienced driver of this specific type of motorsports. The Frenchman is familiar with the tracks, knows the tricks and was curious to see how Kirchhöfer would prove himself competing against him. The event was a great opportunity for Kirchhöfer to demonstrate his talent in an unusual setting. Once again, the young driver from Leipzig showed that he has completed the general qualification for motorsports with honours. Now the next step in his career is just around the corner. His goal is still the GP3, and final talks are currently underway. And perhaps he will see Yvan Muller again sometime. “Yvan is a great guy, very down-to earth,” says Kirchhöfer. “I got a few tips from him too. I hope it was not the last time.”

A team of the TV channel mdr was on location at the weekend. An air date for the programme “Sport im Osten” has yet to be announced.

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