SBRS: Watkins Glen race notes



JEFF SIMMONS (#21 AFS Construction/Sotare, Inc. Dodge) -- I was hoping that they were going to wave off that start. They kind of put out the green flag, but I don't even know why they did that. It was fortunate for me that they didn't take that start. I pulled out a decent lead, and I was just trying to be really smooth, and really consistent, and not make any mistakes. I dropped two wheels off at the exit of one of the corners, and that let them close up a touch, but I was able to smooth it out again.

NILTON ROSSONI (#36 Fox/Foster Group Dodge) -- Finished Second -- Toward the end of the race, I started getting closer to Jeff, and we were both really quick. When I tried my move, unfortunately, the yellow flag came out, and my tires cooled down too much. On the restart, he got a bit of a gap, and I couldn't get closer to him anymore. It was a good race.

ROCKY MORAN JR. (#71 Shulz Steel Co./Bell Dodge) -- Finished Third-- With the new car, it's even better than it ever has been. The car responds perfectly to changes, so you can dial it in. In two years of racing here, I've learned a lot. You learn the fundamentals in karting, but when you come here, it's a reality check. It's very competitive - in almost any session, there are 20 guys within a second, so it makes you a better driver. It's good to come out here and run against the best.

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