SBRS: Series Race Quotes 1999-10-03

Nilton Rossoni, ...

Nilton Rossoni, #36 Fox/Leao Tea/Foster Group - Winner -- It was a great race. On that last restart, they were right on me. But we managed to open the gap and keep them behind me. I am very happy to have won here.

Townsend Bell, #25 DirecPC/PC World Magazine - Second Place -- We were real strong down the backstretch. Going into the second to last lap, I got a good run on him (Snyder), but I wasn't sure if I wanted to pass him, I didn't want to risk it. But then we were side by side and I just stuck it out. It was a good second place run for us.

Todd Snyder, #11 --Third Place -- We went as hard as we could. This, Zippo Motorsports car was running pretty good. The guys worked extra hard on this car. It ran real well in the race. Townsend came on really strong after the restart, and at that point second, third, didn't really make much of a difference as far as the championship goes. But, it's good to be on the podium at any time.

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