SBRS: Putnam Park: Scott Speed race review

Skip Barber Formula Dodge National Championship presented by RACER Race weekend ...

Skip Barber Formula Dodge National Championship presented by RACER
Race weekend #3
May 11 & 12
Putnam Park

The third round of the Formula Dodge National Championship was held last weekend at Putnam Park. In the 35 minute practice session, local driver and series veteran Graint Maiman would top the charts and set the early pace for the weekend. When qualifying came around on friday morning, Scott Speed, with only two race weekends under his belt, would grab his second pole of the year and set a new track record, less then a tenth faster then second place Robbie Montanola. "This is a very high speed and flowing track that is fitting my driving style very well, i am looking forward to having a good weekend." Said Scott after qualifying.

The green flag dropped for the 23 lap race and all 15 cars came flying down the long front streach and into the high speed turn one, Scott Speed would lead the group out of turn one and imeadiatly start to pull a solid 5 to 7 car lead. Scott would maintain that lead untill a series of 3 yellow flags and a red flag, setting up a Green White Checkerd finish. Scott would hold on to the win, making himself the new points leader. Saturday mornings qualifying would be run with the threat of rain and cool temperatures. The track was indead fast as Scott Speed once again grabed the pole, lowering his current track record by 2 tenths, only 3 thousands of a second faster then second place, Craig Baltzar. "When i came into the pits to cool my tires for one last stint, I was told how fast Craig went and knew it would take a near perfect lap to grab the pole. I set out on my last stint and nailed my lap, grabed the pole, and cocked up another point towards the championship."

The race would prove to be very intertaining. Scott Speed took the early lead but was emediatly presured by telmex driver Luis Pelayo. On lap 9 Luis made a gutsy pass on Speed down into turn one taking the lead from Speed. Luis spent his time in the lead under enormous pressure from Speed, resulting in him over heating his tires. One big mistake coming onto the front streach would be the turing point in the race. When Luis droped a wheel coming on to the strait, he imediatly droped down to the bottom of the track. Speed with a great run, went by Luis on the outside. As the two drivers approached turn one, Speed with a half a car advantage, Luis locked up the breaks, sliding righ into the side of Speed. The insedent left Speed in third place with a bent front wing. The benificiary of the incident, Graint Maiman, was able to capitolize and take the lead with Luis right behind and Speed a few car lengths back. On the white flag lap, Speed made his pass for second place down into turn one, the pass stuck and Speed finished in second.

Current points.
Scott Speed 84
Grant Maiman 76
Burt Frissele 75


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