SBRS: Jon Fogarty at top of Sebring charts

Jon Fogarty's time from the morning session of day stood as the fastest time of Day One at the first round of the 2000 Barber Dodge Pro Series season. Chomping at his heels are 17 other Pro Series drivers who are within 1.5 sec of Fogarty. The...

Jon Fogarty's time from the morning session of day stood as the fastest time of Day One at the first round of the 2000 Barber Dodge Pro Series season. Chomping at his heels are 17 other Pro Series drivers who are within 1.5 sec of Fogarty. The tightness of the field bodes for an exciting and highly competitive qualifying session set for tomorrow morning that might see any of the drivers grab the provisional pole.

Fogarty's recorded his fast lap toward the end of the first session, stopping the clocks at 2:06.366 sec. Matt Plumb who still holds the fastest time of the week, was second overall at 2:06.386 sec.

Canadian Michael Valiante was third quick. He lapped the 3.7-mile Sebring circuit in 2:06.515 sec., followed by Brazilian Nilton Rossoni with a best time of 2:06.527 sec. Swede Thed Bjork completes the multi-national Top-5 with best time of 2:06.549 sec.

All of the day's quickest times were set in the morning session where ideal track and weather conditions prevailed. To a driver, all have been satisfied with the recent developments of the Barber Dodge Reynard 98E. Michelin produced a new version of its Pilot SX racing slick at the end of last season which when coupled with the chassis development carried out by the Barber Dodge engineering staff has contributed to the drastically faster lap times. The Barber Dodge Reynard now carries greater speed through the corners and has a more compliant ride over the bumps. It all adds up to a car which is much more responsive to the drivers input.

"I have much more control over the car," Plumb said, "and now I can make it do what I want it to. "

"It's a positive difference over last year," echoed Valiante.

Qualifying begins in earnest tomorrow, Mar. 16 with the only session of the day set to begin at 11:15 a.m. for the 30-minute session. The final qualifying session is scheduled for Mar. 17 from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. Round 1 of the Barber Dodge Pro Series will take the green flaf at 8:35 a.m , Sat., Mar. 18. The 40-minute race will immediately precedes the 48th running of the Exxon Superflo 12 Hours of Sebring.

<pre> Results From Practice Session 1

Pos Car Driver/Hometown/Time 1 52 Jon Fogarty/Portola Valley, Calif./2:06.366 2 17 Matt Plumb/Unionville, Penn./2:06.386 3 95 Michael Valiante/Vancouver,Canada/2:06.515 4 36 Nilton Rossoni/Curitiba, Brazil/2:06.527 5 11 Thed Bjork/Vretstorp, Sweden/2:06.549 6 5 Sepp Koster/The Netherlands/2:06.872 7 4 Brent Sherman/ North Barrington, Ill/2:06.961. 8 8 Peter Boss/Narragansett, R.I./2:07.386 9 28 Andre Nicastro/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/2:07.388 10 44 Sam Hancock/London, England/2:07.396 11 9 Roger Yasukawa/Santa Monica, Calif./2:07.434 12 31 Ryan Hunter-Reay/Boca Raton, Fla./2:07.460 13 7 Jamie Menninga/Pella, Iowa/2:07.523 14 53 Tom Fogarty/Copco Lake, Calif/2:08.010 15 82 Jonathon Macri/Ontario, Canada/2:08.092 16 26 Rhonda Trammell/Pittsboro, Ind./2:08.245 17 63 Craig Duerson/St. Petersburg, Fla./2:08.319 18 25 Kip Gulseth/Manitowoc, Wisc./2:08.326 19 23 Marc Breuers/Gladwyne, Penn./2:08.338 20 21 Jon Vannini/Hillsborough, California/2:08.505 21 19 Sara Senske/Kennewick, Washington/2:08.822 22 22 Jay Ricci/Grosse Pointe, Michigan/2:09.439 23 77 Scott Mayer/Franklin, Wis./2:09.630 24 20 Alexandre Sperafico/Brazil/2:09.787 25 66 Ryan Vella/Nobleton, Ontario, Canada/2:09.831 26 33 Milka Duno/Caracas, Venezuela/2:09.924 27 27 Charles Putt/London, England/2:10.460 28 12 Keith Dusko/Red Bank, New Jersey/2:10.769

Results From Practice Session 2

Pos Car Driver/Hometown/Time 1 36 Nilton Rossoni/Curitiba, Brazil/2:06.945 2 95 Michael Valiante/Vancouver,Canada/2:07.077 3 9 Roger Yasukawa/Santa Monica, Calif./2:07.110 4 5 Sepp Koster/The Netherlands/2:07.128 5 52 Jon Fogarty/Portola Valley, Calif./2:07.330 6 17 Matt Plumb/Unionville, Penn./2:07.332 7 4 Brent Sherman/ North Barrington, Ill./2:07.584 8 11 Thed Bjork/Vretstorp, Sweden/2:07.654 9 20 Alexandre Sperafico/Brazil/2:07.824 10 7 Jamie Menninga/Pella, Iowa/2:08.082 11 82 Jonathon Macri/Ontario, Canada/2:08.113 12 8 Peter Boss/Narragansett, R.I./2:08.212 13 53 Tom Fogarty/Copco Lake, Calif/2:08.267 14 28 Andre Nicastro/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/2:08.269 15 31 Ryan Hunter-Reay/Boca Raton, Fla./2:08.277 16 26 Rhonda Trammell/Pittsboro, Ind./2:08.346 17 19 Sara Senske/Kennewick, Washington/2:08.348 18 63 Craig Duerson/St. Petersburg, Fla./2:08.518 19 25 Kip Gulseth/Manitowoc, Wisc./2:08.668 20 23 Marc Breuers/Gladwyne, Penn./2:08.935 21 44 Sam Hancock/London, England/2:09.240 22 21 Jon Vannini/Hillsborough, California/2:09.250 23 66 Ryan Vella/Nobleton, Ontario, Canada/2:09.708 24 27 Charles Putt/London, England/2:09.856 25 77 Scott Mayer/Franklin, Wis./2:10.069 26 33 Milka Duno/Caracas, Venezuela/2:10.491 27 22 Jay Ricci/Grosse Pointe, Michigan/2:10.691 28 12 Keith Dusko/Red Bank, New Jersey/2:11.400

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