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Monza, 15 July 2001 - Andrea Belicchi (SITEC Motorsport) and Franck Montagny (Epsilon by Graff) achieve both victories in the fith meeting of the International Single Seater OPEN TELEFONICA (Formula Nissan), at the prestigious track of ...

Monza, 15 July 2001 - Andrea Belicchi (SITEC Motorsport) and Franck Montagny (Epsilon by Graff) achieve both victories in the fith meeting of the International Single Seater OPEN TELEFONICA (Formula Nissan), at the prestigious track of Monza.

Tomas Scheckter, from Vergani Racing Team, still in lead with an advantage of 8 points from Franck Montagny. The Epsilon by Graff driver, after a bad start, was suddenly catched up by the Young Scheckter, and they touched in the Second Chicane leaving the Frenchman out of the race.Andrea Belicchi (SITEC Motorsport) profited this situation and lead Race 1 till the end, while Sheckter finished in third position, after the Spaniard Rafael Sarandeses, who was second.The Spaniard was the fastest driver (1.46.233/196.312 km/h).Belicchi , racing at his home track, was delighted with this great victory, wich puts him in a strong third position, and adds this mark to his race victories in Monza (Three).

TOMAS SCHECKTER didn't want to give any importance to this incident with Montagny "It was just a Race Incident. In the Second Chicane I find myself without space, Montagny touched me and he got the worst partNormally, I wouldn't be happy with this results but now I feel very good. We have some problem in the car that I prefer not no mention, and my team has been working like hell". Scheckter also said, aside from the Press Conference, that Willy Webber is now taking care about his future in Formula One.

FRANCK MONTAGNY's Race results where very similar to those achieved in Valencia (Fourth Meeting). DNF in the First Race, and a Strong Perfomance in the Second One: "I'd like to think positive from now on. Mean, my car is performing great and this time Y made a mistake. Y have to accept that.Magny Cours (2nd September/Sixth Meeting), is likely to be the perfect place to sign a doubble win."

The Marseille Driver has established a new track record of the Open Telefonica Series, with the best lap of the Second Race: 1.45.448 (197.773 km/h). Montagny lead the Second Race from the begining, giving no option to Sheckter almost 18 second behind him, in second position. The French Team did also a perfect Pit Stop, and everything went Okay. Andrea Belicchi did a bad start but he gave a good overtaking lesson to his rivals, finishing in fourth position, just behind a convincent Sarandeses.

Santiago Porteiro (Vergani) , eight , has been given a penalty of one minute: one of his tyres didn't have the Tyre Clip. Milka Duno, the only woman competing in this Series, finished 13th in the First Race, but suffered a technical problem in her car and she had to retire. Good progression for the 20 year old driver from PSN, Leandro Iglesias , from GD RACING, who finished in the points in both Races (9th).

The Portuguese Manuel Giao finished fifth in both races, but his mate Paulo Alho, also in FAMA MOTORSPORT, did not take the start in the Second Race due to a mechanical problem, after finishing seventh in the First Race.


The Results of the Race are stand-by due to an Appeal from the driver Angel Burgueño (Repsol-YPF Meycom Sport). The Stewards of the Meeting had rejected the team's protest against Rafael Sarandeses. Burgeño said that Sarandeses cutted off the Second Chicane, and GAINED some positions.


Race 1: 1. Belicchi (SITEC), 25'05"556. 2. Sarandeses (ADRIAN CAMPOS MOTORSPORT), a 1'061, 3. Scheckter (VERGANI), a 4'570, 4. Burgueño (REPSOL_YPF MEYCOM), a 5'656, 5. Manuel Giao (FAMA MOTORSPORT), a 9'128.

DNF: Nº 15 Angelo Ferrazano (Technical), Nº 10 Nicolas Filiberti (Technical), Nº 24 Abel Fajas (Technical), Nº 3 Borja Garcia (Technical), Nº 11 Franck Montagny (Technical)

Best Lap: Rafael Sarandeses (v.14) 1.46.233 196.312 km/h

Race 2: 1. Franck Montagny (EPSILON BY GRAFF), 37'46"969, 2. Tomas Scheckter (VERGANI), a 17"826, 3. Rafael Sarandeses (ADRIAN CAMPOS), a 19"538, 4. Andrea Belicchi (SITEC), a 20"551, 5. Manuel Giao (FAMA), a 23"036.

DNF: Nº 6 Milka Duno (Technical), Nº 24 Angelo Ferrazano (Technical), Nº 24 Abel Fajas (Technical), Nº 15 Nicolas Filiberti (Technical).

Best Lap: Franck Montagny (Vta. 17) 1.45. 448 197.773 Km/h

Overall Standings: 1. Tomas Scheckter, 145 ptos., 2. Franck Montagny, 132 ptos., 3. Andrea Belicchi, 124 ptos., 4. Rafael Sarandeses, 90 ptos., 5. Angel Burgueño, 65 ptos. k

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