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Monza, Italia, 1 October.- Italian driver Andrea Belicchi (Doors Engineering) and French Patrice Gay won the races today at Monza, penultimate round of the Open Telefonica single-seater series. Spaniard Antonio Garcia remains as series leader and...

Monza, Italia, 1 October.- Italian driver Andrea Belicchi (Doors Engineering) and French Patrice Gay won the races today at Monza, penultimate round of the Open Telefonica single-seater series. Spaniard Antonio Garcia remains as series leader and gets closer to the title, to be decided next 5th November at Valencia, Spain.

First race:
Start of both races was given behind the safety car for safety reasons due to rain fall. Belicchi took advantage of the fact of having no cars in front and so good visibility and got the lead till the beginning to the end of the race. Giuseppe Burlotti (Vergani Racing Espa?a) and Jean Christophe Ravier (Epsilon by Graff) fought for second place. The Frenchman overtook Burlotti with five laps to go, and so did Aguas. Burlotti had engine problems during the second half of the race. Antonio Garcia climbed to ninth position from the last in the grid (he lost qualifying results due to a protest) and maintains his leading position in the overall.

Second race: pit-stop decides
The mandatory pit stop for a two wheel change and heavy rain have been major factors in the second race. Belicchi started from the first position and everything looked like the first race. But problems arise for the Italian in the pit stop procedure. One of the wheels could not be removed from place, and Belicchi lost 25 second in the procedure, loosing first place to Frenchman Patrice Gay, who entered pits at the same time. Aguas took second place, but most drivers decided not to take more risks than necessary due to weather and track conditions and poor visibility. In the third place, Garcia kept his position ahead series title adversary Giuseppe Burlotti. Protest in progress

The team of Giuseppe Burlotti (Vergani Racing Espa?a) has presented a protest against Antonio Garcia. Vergani Racing states that Garcia had altered the order of the pieces making up the suspension in other way than the established in the operator manual. Therefore, results of second race remain as unofficial until final decision. With only one event to go, nothing is decided in the Open Telefonica. All drivers must drop out four worst results for final classification results. Valencia will show the new champion next 5th November.

<pre> Results Race 1 (14 laps) 1. Andrea Belicchi (ITA, Doors Engineering) 1:59.160 a 174.985 2. Jean Christophe Ravier (FRA, Epsilon by Graff) a 7.902 3. Rui Aguas (POR, Venturini Racing) a 13.673 4. Giuseppe Burlotti (ITA, Vergani Racing Espa?a) a 16.986 5. Cristian Mackenna (CHI, Vergani Racing) a 30.002 6. Angel Burgue?o, 9. Antonio Garc?a; 13. V?ctor Ordo?ez Fast lap: Andrea Belicchi 1.59.160 a 174,985 km/h DNF: Patrice Gay (mechanical problem), Jordi Nogu?s (spin off), Rafael Sarandeses (spin off ), Francesca Pardini (spin off) Race leaders: Andrea Belicchi (lap 1 to end)

Results Race 2 (21 laps with pit stop) 1. Patrice Gay (FRA, Adri?n Campos Motorsport) 46:30.487 a 168,033 km/h 2. Rui Aguas (POR, Venturini Racing) a 4.587 3. Antonio Garc?a (ESP, Adri?n Campos Motorsport) a 18.350 4. Giuseppe Burlotti (ITA, Vergani Racing Espa?a) a 24.207 5. Andrea Belicchi (ITA, Doors Engineering) a 27.455 6. Angel Burgue?o. 7. Rafael Sarandeses. 10. V?ctor Ord??ez Fast lap: Rui Aguas, 2.03.627 a 167,985 km/h DNF: Paulo Alho (spin off, lap 2), Laurent Delahaye (mechanical problem, l.5), Gr?goire de Galzain (spin off, l.5), Jordi Nogu?s (mechanical problem, lap 5), Jean Christophe Ravier (mechanical problem, lap 6), Cristian Mackenna (spin off, lap 14), Francesca Pardini (spin off, lap 20) Race leaders: Andrea Belicchi (laps 1 to 13), Patrice Gay (laps 14 to end)

SERIES STANDINGS: 1. Antonio Garc?a, 181 points; 2. Giuseppe Burlotti, 160 p.; 3. Rui Aguas, 148 p.; 4. Angel Burgue?o, 117 p.; 5. Patrice Gay, 115 p.; 6. Jean Christophe Ravier, 91 p.; 7. Andrea Belicchi, 88 p.


ANTONIO GARCIA: "My objective was leaving Monza as series leader and I got it. I am really happy of my first race after starting from the last place. In the second I have decided not to take any risks. The track was flooded and Burlotti was behind me".

ANDREA BELICCHI: "The pit stop and that rear wheel was a nightmare today, and it prevented me from getting a double win at home. It has been really disappointing".

PATRICE GAY: "We raced today under critical weather conditions, and even with danger in some ocassions. I believe the safety car should have appeared before the end. "Valencia" We have no team instructions. I do look forward to Antonio winning the series, but I will try to win the races if I am able to".


The Stewards of the Open Telefonica event held today at Monza have rejected the protest presented by team Vergani Racing Espa"a against the Spanish driver Antonio Garc?a.

Ther reason said by Vergani Racing Espa?a was the modification in the display order of some pieces making up the front suspension of Garcia?s single seater.

The Stewards have considered this change of order to be a set-up possibility not breaking the Open Telefonica Technical Regulations.

Vergani Racing Espa?a has therefore presented an appealed to this decision to the Italian federation (C.S.A.I.). Decision to be published in a few weeks.

Results of second race at Monza and overall standings remain unofficial until final decision is reached.

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