NA-F2000: Watkins Glen Thursday quotes



JIMMY CHIANIS (#9 My Life Card/Primus Racing Van Diemen RF-95) -- The last three races we've had have been on the ovals, so we've got to get use to a road course. I don't know if there is going to be as much as traffic (as last week at Richmond International Raceway).

MEMO GIDLEY (#33 Collier's-Parrish/DSTP Van Diemen RF-95) --There's quite a difference between a closed-wheel car and open-wheeled one. In the Dodge-Shelby cars I was a little more timid than I should have been. But after driving the open-wheeled ones, you can get away with lot. Those cars are quite a bit different than these cars; they're a little bit heavier for one thing. These cars are really nimble; they react really quick.

LANCE NORICK (#3 Fred Jones Manufacturing/Boatmans Credit Card/Macklenburg-Duncan Vector (95) -- I'd say one of the key places for these cars on the track is the carousel (McDonald's Loop) off the back straight. You have to carry as much speed through there, getting through there as quick as possible to go into the Boot. I'd say the whole track is important, that's not like one main section you have to carry as much speed through as possible. There's a kind of a little balancing act, you try to can as little wing as possible to get the speed up. That might affect the grip a little bit in the corners.

J.J. O'Malley Director of Communications, Watkins Glen International 737771,

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