NA-F2000: Watkins Glen Race 2 post qualifying quotes

Mike Anderson, ...

Mike Anderson, #9 Valvoline/Pi Research/Van Diemen Ford - Fastest Qualifier - "I've done a lot of these races and this is my first pole so it feels good to get it done, especially in these conditions. It was real iffy going out there, we didn't know what to do with the car, we sort of did a half rain, half dry set-up. It looked like it was going to dry up a bit and it did towards the end, and it's great to get my first pole. I would have preferred it either be all out wet or all out dry because it is really tough in these conditions to get the car set up right, whether you go out with a full wet set-up or not, we just managed to make the right calls, in a race I would prefer it to be dry."

Alexander Figge, #18 Lightspeed Motorsports/Van Diemen Ford - Second Fastest Qualifier - "I got on the brakes a little to hard for the conditions and tried to make a pass that probably wasn't the best idea and got out in the gravel. Luckily my crew was able to get everything running again properly and I put in a good lap. We had a little bit of bad luck and inexperience killed us a little bit in certain areas, but it's a great team and I knew given the right opportunity I could make those guys proud of me by running in the rain and putting down a good lap. This weekend I prefer the wet conditions."

Doug Bell, #3 Cape Motorsports/Van Diemen Ford - Third Fastest Qualifier - "It was drying out towards the end and we weren't sure if it was going to rain again or not so you have to try and put a time in. There was a bit of a limbo between the sessions but then once we realized it was drying out it was just trying to find open track, which I think was the hardest thing. I did do it. I think it was right when the checkered flag came out. I think those two guys (Mike Anderson & Alexander Figge) did a really good job because they were quick yesterday, and they are just better than us."

-U.S. F2000

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