NA-F2000: Watkins Glen qualifying quotes

U.S. Formula Ford 2000 Qualifying Zak Morioka ( ...

U.S. Formula Ford 2000 Qualifying

Zak Morioka (#27 KFC of Brazil Van Diemen Ford) Pole winner -- It was really tough because we have so many good drivers. I didn't really know which line is the best in the wet. It was quick through the line where trucks were running. We made some adjustments and it was getting better as the session went on. I did a good job trying to get a clear lap. It's great to get the pole on a track with so much history. Of course its important to have the pole, but the most important thing is the race weekend. Until now nothing is done, so its a good place to start. I don't know if it's going to rain, so the most important thing for me is to run a good race. I was happy to get my first pole, but I was happier to get my first win. We've been through some problems through the year and the team just hasn't given up. The plan was to have a lap time to put us on the front three rows and then get better from there. If they open it up for me, I'll take it. It's going to be tough. If I finish in the top three I'll be happy, but I'll be cautious but cautious aggressive.

Andrea De Lorenzi (#50 Caffee Essse/Motorquality Tatuus Ford) -- I like the American tracks (they are) more faster. I think when the car is good it isn't difficult to get good times.

ANDY LALLY (#75 Aspen Knolls/TotalTel Van Deimen Ford) -- This is my second best, we qualified third last week in Mid-Ohio. We hustled in the last hour. We changed our set-up 100 percent - put the downforce back in the car. We had a good wet weather set up and just right at that last lap we picked up three tenths. The guys kept me calm over the radio and we were able to rip one off. Will your knowledge of the track give you an advantage? Mainly in the first couple of laps when everybody's sorting things out. Just when the track is cold, when we first get off the green, in passing zones and different odds and ends that will help me out.

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