NA-F2000: Watkins Glen qualifying notes

Aaron Justus, ...

Aaron Justus, #32 Forsythe/Indeck Racing/Torco 2000 Van Diemen B -- Qualified First -- I feel pretty fortunate to get that lap. It was on the last lap of the session, just like this morning, so things are going our way so far. It was the same as this morning, but we made a change, anticipating the track would change and it wasn't right, so we had to come in to put the car back were it needed to be and it ran pretty well. But up until that last lap, I don't think I was in the top 3.

Mike Andersen, #11 Valvoline/Pi Research 2000 Van Diemen Ford B -- Qualified Second -- Yeah, I was hoping to do one better than Aaron, but it didn't work out that way. Once my tires started to come in, we started getting into traffic and we didn't get that time until the last lap of the session. Same thing as this morning, I wasn't within a half of second even before that, so I was just really happy to get that last lap. I'm not always aware of what those guys are doing, I'm aware of what my times are because I'm getting them on my dash. I knew the whole session I wasn't good enough. I knew I had to be in the high fifty two's because my crew kept radioing me telling me that Marc had a lap of 52.9, so I knew that was the time to beat. It's a matter of finding clear track and putting a good lap together.

Marc-Antoine Camirand, #96 Ket Motorsports 1999 Van Diemen Ford B -- Qualified Third -- Yeah, I had the pole again since the last lap. I had to make a change on the car for the last session and it worked pretty good. I did my best lap at the beginning of the session, I'm just trying to go out there and beat his time. Unfortunately, the yellow flag came out.

Billy Asaro, #33 Forsythe/InDeck Racing 2000 Van Diemen Ford -- Crashed During Qualifying Session 2--We were way back in practice, and we've done horrible in the last few qualifying races we've been in. I was trying too hard; going for that pole. The back-end came out; I overcorrected, and went strait into the wall. It was a hard hit.

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