NA-F2000: Watkins Glen post-race 2 quotes

Billy Asaro - ...

Billy Asaro - #69 Diem Ford - (First Place)

"It feels incredible, obviously, to win two races this weekend. I didn't even want to finish first; I just wanted to finish near the top to get the points. I just had an incredible day. I have an awesome team. Key Motor Sport is awesome and you can get up front with a car like that. The start wasn't paticularily good, but I just picked off one guy at a time, tried not to do anything stupid and we moved up."

Memo Rojas - #15 Telmex/Van Diemen Ford - (Second place)

"Race one was really bad for us.  This makes up for it.  I am happy because
we were able to put the car back together.  This is great."

Mike Potekhen - #87 P.D.R. Van Diemen Ford - (Third Place)

"The race went really well. We had a good race setup and the car went real well, real consistent all day and the team did a great job. We were struggling a bit yesterday, but we still finished higher than we started and we were definitely looking forward going into today."

Scott Rubenzer - #11 StorageBatSys/TrojanBatCo. Corbir Ford - (B Class Winner)

"It was a good race. My main competitor, Billy Hager, and I were even all weekend. He would lead for a while and I would lead for a while. It was kind of the luck of the draw as to who would lead at the end. I got lucky today."

-JT Tunnicliff-

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