NA-F2000: Watkins Glen LeMond update


GREG LeMOND (#83 Miller Milling Company/Manheim Auctions/ICG Van Diemen Ford) -- After being involved in a practice accident -- My coach over here says I was going too fast. I thought it just broke loose. Apparently what I did was lift too early and then I got back in the gas too early. I felt the back end swap around and hit the right side. I felt the back end get light. I was going a lot faster than I was in the earlier practice session. I'm just getting to learn the track. I need all the practice I can get. I felt a lot better in that session. I might miss qualifying this afternoon. We'll have to see. -- What is the extent of the damage? -- It looks like a front right and a right rear and the wing. It doesn't look to bad but you never know until you take it apart.

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