NA-F2000: Mosport lap description by Dana LaLiberte

This is what I basically try to do in a F2000 car for a lap at Mosport, provided there are no moose on the track! The front straight is quite short. Coming out of turn ten the car is in second, near the top of the revs. Shift to third halfway...

This is what I basically try to do in a F2000 car for a lap at Mosport, provided there are no moose on the track!

The front straight is quite short. Coming out of turn ten the car is in second, near the top of the revs. Shift to third halfway down the straight, before passing under the starter stand on the left. Just past the start/finish line, the track goes down to turn one, and under a pedestrian bridge. Keeping the car to the left under the bridge, short shift to fourth and stay full throttle while bringing the car into one, a 90degree right hander that levels out near the apex. The track is slightly banked, so the entry and middle section of the corner are fairly easy, but bumps near the exit can upset the car.

Climbing up hill toward two, gently bring the car just right of the center of the track. Curbing on the left hand side marks the entry to turn two, but the horizon stops there, with the tops of trees and the side of a hill making up the background. Crossing over this horizon, bring the car to the left, and hit an apex about 20 feet past the end of the curbing. THe car is flying downhill about a 5 or 6 story drop at this point, and the forces bring the car to the right side of the track, a few feet from the edge. As the decline begins to decrease, the car begins to come back to the left for the second of two apexes for turn two, and begins to track out toward the curbing at the exit. (this is supposed to be flat all the way, especially in qualifying, but I tap the brake with my left foot in earily practice and iffy race situations. Passing can be done on both sides through this turn, but I always feel a lot better on the inside)

At the exit, aim the car for a straight line across the track, up a quick, flat straght a couple hundred meters long, to the left hand side for the first braking area. Turn three is 100+ degrees, and flat in third. There is a bump in the track about ten yards before the turn in, where you jab the brakes (but gently) and drop it to third. THen back onto the throttle, holding the car out for a late apex. BTW...we are turning right (forgot to mention that). My car wanted to puch there with the set-up I had on, so I would hold it in there, then jump off and on the accelerator very quickly to kick the rear end out and shoot me straight through the remainder of the corner.

Coming out of three, bring the car from the left to the right side of the track down the short, relatively flat straight a couple hundred meters long. Shifting to fourth, the car goes very easily through a 60 degree lefthander that dives left, down 40 or 50 feet, under the Players bridge, and over a stream at the bottom. Bring the car in late for a late apex to line up for turn five.

For a very short distance (maybe 15 meters) the track is flat, then jumps uphill. Holding the car to the left, jump on the brakes as soon as the track goes uphill, quickly shifting from fourth directly to second. THe first apex of five is actually on the side of this hill, which is probably a lot like the banking at Talledega...very steep, maybe 30-40 feet up. Trail braking into the first apex, squirt the throttle, taking the car over the remainder of the hill in a sort of sideways, out of control motion. At the top of the hill, the track is finally flat, although there are just a few meters of pavement, and some curbing to work with. Jump on the brakes again (hopefully without spinning) select first gear, and gently take the car right into the second apex of five, a 90 degree right hander that leads onto a monster straight. Jump on the accelerator as soon as possible, hopefully before the apex.

The Andretti straight winds about 120 feet uphill, and then has a short flat, straight section before turn eight. Turns six and seven are actually part of the straight, although nobody counts them as turns. The car lightens at the summit of the straight, and then there are about 200 meters to work with before turn eight.

Getting to the left hand side of the straight, the car runs 6800-6900 RPM before the entrance to eight. Staying high into eight, keep the throttle flat, and slowly bright the car right to the apex that is at the exit, on the right side of the 90 degree turn.

Letting the car straighten for a very quick moment, touch the brake and downshift to third for nine, a 90 degree left hander a little sharper than eight. Taking the same sort of line through nine as was for eight, set up for ten the entire corner.

Jab the brake and select second for ten, then get through as quickly as possible, using the curbing at the exit. You are on the front straight again, the garages are on the right, and the flag stand ahead on the left.

Swerve sharply into the pit wall where the car bursts into flames. Utilizing the momentum you are still carrying, attempt to get the car upside down, and in the air, so that you can carry on backwards down the straight, to the thrill of the photographers on the hill to the left. Wave to Phil and Drew. Try not to bleed too much, because that plasma is going to used to fix the race car. You do not have to worry about getting shot by an angry car owner, however, because Canada has some marvelously liberal anti-hand gun laws.

Had to get some sarcasm in :)


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