Mission Valley Speedway results 2001-05-26

Pablo, MT (May 26, 2001) -- Don Staggs, a seasoned driver in the Alamon Telco Formula Indy's at Mission Valley Speedway, was on top of his game Saturday night here in Pablo, MT. Staggs posted the second fastest time during time trials behind ...

Pablo, MT (May 26, 2001) -- Don Staggs, a seasoned driver in the Alamon Telco Formula Indy's at Mission Valley Speedway, was on top of his game Saturday night here in Pablo, MT. Staggs posted the second fastest time during time trials behind teammate, Chuck Wiech of Frenchtown, however, when it came down to the racing it was all Staggs. Staggs, a Missoula driver, started the Trophy Dash, Heat and Main Event races in the back of the pack and immediately made his way into the lead within the first lap of each race. No other Indy driver led a lap all night in this class.

The Budweiser Compacts, dual-controlled Krusers and 20+ Drag Race heats rounded out the evening's events. In the Kruser intermission race, the team of Carla Morigeau and Jackie Aimsbach held the lead for eleven of the twelve-lap race. Unfortunately the 'Car-Jack Racing' team had a tire go flat and had to pull from the race leaving the win to newcomers, Ken Steinebach and Carolyn Keeney of Plains.

The Budweiser Compacts were the featured class of the night. Seven cars made the show on this holiday weekend, sharing the wealth in all their races. Lynn Olsen of Pablo, driving car #43 posted fast time of the night with a 17.91. Olsen's time was less than 3/10ths off the track record of Arnold Colman's 17.67.

Alvin Brester, #4 of Lolo took home the Compact Trophy Dash win, fending off Arnie Colman, the 2000 Compact Season Champion. Brian Robinson, the 2001 Compact points leader heading into Saturday's race night made his way up from the back of the pack and into the lead by lap four. Robinson, driving car #1 was able to hold on through three yellow and one red flag to take the win in the Compact Heat race. Robinson's brother Vic, driving car #9 did not fair quite as well, spinning out on laps two, five and nine. After Vic's third unassisted spin, his car was DQ'd and flagged off the track.

The Compact Main had just taken the green flag when Vic Robinson's #9 spun out of control again this time getting tangled up with brother Brian's #1. Both Robinson cars were damaged and were unable to join the double aligned restart of the main. The top three cars left in the race vied for first place for the majority of the 30-lap main. Arnold Colman, #2 had Lynn Olsen, #43 tailing him for 24 laps. Olsen would almost take Colman on turn four of each lap but Colman could out run Olsen on the straight-aways. Finally on lap 25 Olsen went high and wide trying to fake out Colman only to have Chad Brown in car #90 pass on the inside to overtake second. The remaining six laps were a battle between Colman and Brown, however, Colman held onto the lead through the checkered.

The special event of the night was a series of double elimination drag races. Anything from a late 60's Barracuda to a 2000 Ford F150 4x4 tried their hand at beating another competitor off the line to the finish. Polson drivers, George and Dean Flynn, each driving Camaros, and Ronan driver, Tim Piedalue in his Barracuda put in good shows but it was Missoula's Rob Thane, driving his 87 Buick Grand National that took home the "King of the Hill Champion Trophy" along with around $70.00 in prize money.

On tap next weekend, the 2nd of June, is the Northwest Bump to Pass cars out of the Washington State area, the Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks, the MGD Light Hobby Stocks, Bombers and Kids bicycle races. Time trials begin at 6:00 pm with racing at 7:00. Check our website for further details: www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE. Also new this season is a sports segment on KECI Channel 13 "Weekend at the Races" that will be aired each Sunday night at 6 & 10 PM.

Results May 26th, 2001

Budweiser Compacts Fast Time of the night: Lynn Olsen, #43 -- 17.91 Compact Trophy Dash 1) Alvin Brester, 2) Olsen, 3) Brian Robinson, 4) Arnold Colman Compact Heat: 1) B. Robinson, 2) Colman, 3) Olsen, 4) Michael Plummer, 5) Chad Brown, 6) Brester, DQ'd) V. Robinson Compact Main: 1) Colman, 2) Brown, 3) Olsen, 4) Plummer, DQ'd) Brester

Alamon Telco Formula Indys Fast Time of the night: Chuck Wiech #21 -- 15.63 Indy Trophy Dash: 1) Don Staggs, 2) Wiech, 3) Erik Boland, 4) John Logan Indy Heat: 1) Staggs, 2) Wiech, 3) Terry Eggleston, 4) Logan, 5) Boland Indy Main: 1) Staggs, 2) Wiech, 3) Logan, 4) Boland, 5) Eggleston

Krusers Intermission race: 1) Ken Steinebach & Carolyn Keeney, 2) Carla Morigeau & Jackie Aimsbach, 3) Rick Steinert & Frank Chappel, 4) Greg & Beau Dicken


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