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The World Series breaks the lap record at the Jarama circuit. Ricardo Zonta achieves two pole positions for tomorrow's races. Madrid, 8th June 2002 ? Ricardo Zonta (Gabord Competición) got the best time in the two qualifying sessions of the ...

The World Series breaks the lap record at the Jarama circuit.
Ricardo Zonta achieves two pole positions for tomorrow's races.

Madrid, 8th June 2002 ? Ricardo Zonta (Gabord Competición) got the best time in the two qualifying sessions of the Telefónica World Series by Nissan top category. The Brazilian driver, that finished half a second ahead the following driver, will start from the first row of the grid in both races in the second round of the competition wish is celebrating in the Jarama circuit. Franck Montagny (Racing Engineering) will defend his leadership. Zonta run almost a second under the official record of the track.

The Brazilian clocked the time in 1:22.128 in the first qualifying session in an amazing qualifying performance. The lap record is 1:23.035 (Emmanuele Pirro, May 2001 with an Audi R8 at 167,918 km/h), so if tomorrow it's not very hot (sun is expected all the morning), the Dallara Nissan cars could break the official lap record.

The leader, Franck Montagny, was unable to get the best time: the French, who is suffering an important flow, focused his last test in starts practice. Justin Wilson (Racing Engineering), FIA F3000 Champ, and the Belgian Bas Leinders (KTR) are behind Zonta and Montagny. The third row will be completely Spanish: Ángel Burgueño (Repsol Meycom) classified 5th, eighth tenths of a second from the Brazilian and Polo Villaamil (Adrián Campos Motorsport) was sixth.

In the second session, Zonta took charge of the qualifying and set the best time very early, so he could follow the World Championship football match between Brazil against China. His time was 1:22.740. The youngest driver in the World Series, Félix Porteiro (Vergani Racing), put in a valiant effort to finish second only five tenth of a second behind Zonta. Antonio García (Adrián Campos Motorsport) recovered from little problems in the first session and finished third. Beside him will start Franck Montagny. Ángel Burgueño and André Couto (Vergani Racing) will start from the third row, and Leinders will start from the fifth position.

Fórmula Nissan 2000

Matteo Bobbi (Vergani Racing) and Santiago Porteiro (Repsol Meycom) got pole position. The quickest driver in the first session was the Italian, two tenths of a second ahead Porteiro, Borja García (Escuela Lois Circuit, at 0.430) and Juan A. Del Pino (Repsol-Meycom, at 0,827). In the second session, the main stars changed the positions, so Félix Porteiro's oldest brother will start from the pole. Mathias Lauda (Epsilon by Graff) had a better performance than yesterday, with a fith position as his best result. His teammate Gelete Nieto will start tomorrow from the fifth and fourth row. Standings: Bobbi, 34 points; Pérez-Aicart, 23; Borja García, 23; Porteiro, 22; Del Pino, 22; Navarrete, 14; Miguez, 9.

Fórmula Junior 1600 Spanish Championship

Adrián Vallés (Escuela Lois Circuit) was the winner in the first race of the Spanish Formula Junior Championship hold today ahead of Leo Orecchioni (Cibiemme Team) and his teammate Álvaro Barba. The race was determined by an accident that involved Cristian Cano when he was running in the first places. Fortunately, the driver was not injured. Standings: Vallés, 59 points; Orecchioni, 35; Carol, 20; Barba, 19.

The schedule for tomorrow
Tomorrow, the first World Series race will take place at 11:45 (18 laps) and the second race will be at 14:15 (26 laps with a compulsory pit stop).


Ricardo Zonta
"We trained in this circuit a month ago; then we were satisfied and we can see now the result of this work. I want to make a great start in two races and deffend both pole until the end, but you know that a lot of things could happen in a race out of the driver's control. In Brazil there is a lot of interest in the World Series because the races are so competitive and, on the other hand, people are losing a bit motivation about F-1"

Frank Montagny
"I'm a bit sick but I hope will be recovered tomorrow. Last week we made a lot of essays of starts, so I hope to be first in the first corner of the track. In the first qualifying we had some problems with the set-up, but there weren't important. However, we changed for the second qualifying and I couldn't do a better time".

Justin Wilson
"I'm really satisfied, me and my team, because both drivers, Montagny and me, did a good qualifying. My situation is quite well to do my best tomorrow in the first race, but I'm a bit disappointed because Y will start behind the favourites in the second race. The main difference between F-3000 FIA and World Series is that the vehicle are quicker and the drivers have to manage to run in a different way. This is a championship really competitive".

Félix Porteiro
"We have been working the whole weekend to improve the chassis. I'm very hopeful to achieve a good result in the second race, though my main goal is learning from the other drivers. I have a lot to learn from them".

Antonio García
"Me team was looking forward a result like this, mainly because things weren't so nice in Valencia. I'm in the middle of the grid in the first race because we had some problems in practice. We tried to improve them and we recovered the right way".

Grid 1st race
1. Ricardo Zonta BRA Gabord Competicion 1:22.128
2. Franck Montagny FRA Racing Engineering 1:22.771 at 0.643
3. Justin Wilson GBR Racing Engineering 1:22.832 at 0.704
4. Bas Leinders BEL KTR 1:22.988 at 0.860
5. Ángel Burgueño SPA Repsol Meycom 1:22.992 at 0.864
6. Polo Villaamil SPA Adrian Campos Motor 1:23.220 at 1.092

Grid 2nd race
1. Ricardo Zonta BRA Gabord Competicion 1:22.470
2. Félix Porteiro SPA Vergani Racing 1:22.053 at 0.583
3. Antonio García SPA Adrian Campos Motor 1:23.161 at 0.691
4. Franck Montagny FRA Racing Engineering 1:23.188 at 0.718
5. Ángel Burgueño SPA Repsol Meycom 1:23.246 at 0.776
6. Andre Couto POR Vergani Racing 1:23.295 at 0.825


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