Formula Vee driver survives nasty shunt – video


West Australian Formula Vee competitor Kathy Lisson walked away from a nasty rollover last weekend.

Lisson was caught up in a concertina-style crash during a state racing meeting at Barbagallo Raceway, her 1200cc Formula Vee climbing over the back of the car in front and flipping twice.

According to a local news report, she walked away with a sore neck and bruising, but no serious injuries.

“I do remember thinking, 'oh I'm up in the air' and then lots of bangs,” Lisson told 9NEWS. “It happens very quickly.”

Her husband Rod Lisson, who was running a 1600cc-powered car in the same race, said she was hit from behind.

"From that point, the acceleration to get up in the air and turn over twice like that, you've gone from zero to that speed in no time,” he said in the same 9NEWS report.

“It must have been a real shunt from behind.”


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