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Chronological Offroad photos :

The business end of the workshop
Homemade struts An enthusastic crowd
The Chinese Hummer Some say it's best not to push on the frst day...
When is an anchor not an anchor? When it's a plough!
Chinese method for deep water? Momentum!
Keep going or break something Churning mud in stunning scenery
Some still have a lot to learn
The prize ceremony The moment Liew Siak Kiong lost a cylinder
Eng Joo speeding to victory Company logo
Only 1200bhp… but enough for a road car A happy customer
The Beast! Wondering how big to go
What a competition Patrol looks like At a sand dragging race
Special event Special event
Special event Rally action
Rally action Rally action
Rally action Rally action
Rally action
Rally action
Rally action Wet. Damp. Soggy. Humid…
Rally action
Rally action
One of the added hazards of off-roading in Malaysia Logo
Team Spirit winners, Dima Sokolov, Russia and Wan Mohamad Najib, Malaysia
Air Asia Land Rover Car sized holes… they weren’t joking!
Electric Winch class winners Peter Mihaioff and Clinton Sharpe
Machine and nature
Event winner Meryvn Lim finding the limits Wan Mohamad Hajib taking the hero’s approach!
Mervyn Lim thinking that it’s all over
The Russians thinking about what to do
Mat Noualy Eric Miller, winner