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Chronological Offroad photos :

The beauty of the desert Second placed Rick Mooneyham
Friendly Maltese team Daily briefing
Two time champion Yuri Selifonov The strange and the beautiful
Maximum attack
Not an inch given One of the mud pits
A bit of glamour
This is what maximum attack in a Trophy competition looks like Sergei Savenko's bizarre looking buggy
A winching traffic jam
This is what Jim Marsden taking it easy looks like The spectators 'helping' Nick Anderson and Neville Hudd
The action lasted well into the evening More mud
No help or sympathy from the press!
Jim Marsden doing a good impression of a rally-raid Time to put the kettle on...
Today's stage claimed many victims
After 10 cars had passed some parts were almost impassable Not the nest place to get the winch cable jammed
Good camouflage
If someone is stuck in front sometimes all you can do is wait Aggressive tyres and right foot on the floor gets you up
A big hammer should be in the tool kit for every Land Rover A nice day in the office
There's a lot to be said for momentum
The car wash is still a long way away Real team work. Peter Whitman and friends
Teamwork Trophy day
Igor Bozikovic, Event organiser. In control.
Photographers like to get close to the action Most 4x4s have a recommended maximum wading depth
Preferred method of communication, shouts threats and insults! Getting close to the action
Maxim Kirpilev and Vadim Shmaylov struggling a bit for power. From the deserts of the Africa Eco race to the Croatia mud pools Sergei Savenko is always smiling
Superwinch. Title sponsors
Proper teamwork!
All many people saw of Jim Marsden today Alexey Golubev looking where to go
Walter Schuhmacher had a good day Peter Whitman out of a stage at last. The smile lasted 1km
Testing the tip-over point Muddy monsters
James Trembath earning his keep