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Chronological Offroad photos :

The Lada Niva in all its glorious standardness 30 meters from the start and a 4ft wall...
Sign Language often compensated for the lack of a common language On the 'Dakar; stage
Another day in the office for Shaun Howell
Actually hearing was also an issue! Waiting for the Lada to overheat... but it didn't!
40 metres high, soft sand and only bushes at the top.. harder than it sounds! Fun... for 8 days!
'Light' class winner Alexi Sergee'ev tells his co-driver that lunch break is over In a little Suzuki 100kn in the right place can make a big difference
At the bottom of the canyon in the Night Stage
Trophy vehicles need constant attention Chest high water crossings is no exaggeration. This is the 'Light' class
Russian Protos... at home in the bog The Estonian beer truck