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Sticker Dude Motorsports Weathers the Storm at Wheatland - O'Donnell Lands on Podium! June 4, 2008 (Lake Zurich, IL) - The three members that make up Sticker Dude Motorsports, Steven Federico, Luke Zoetmulder, and Lee O'Donnell, arrived at the...

Sticker Dude Motorsports Weathers the Storm at Wheatland - O'Donnell Lands on Podium!

June 4, 2008 (Lake Zurich, IL) - The three members that make up Sticker Dude Motorsports, Steven Federico, Luke Zoetmulder, and Lee O'Donnell, arrived at the "Diamond in the Dirt," Lucas Oil Speedway, very optimistic about upcoming 2008 World Series of Off-Road Racing season.

The .7 mile long off-road course used much of the 3/8 mile dirt oval as well as a high speed section behind the banking of turns one and two of the oval. The track consisted of several jumps, a rhythm section and a multi groove banked corner. The layout was a small version of the course at Bark River.

Saturday afternoon, all three Sticker Dude drivers went out for practice looking to fine tune their chassis setups. Luke Zoetmulder in his #942 Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs Q Racing Oil Hankook Tire Toyota powered Super Buggy and Steven Federico driver of the #24 Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs Lost Dunes Golf Club Q Racing Oil Hankook Tire Toyota Tacoma PRO-Light made shock adjustments after the session looking to get around the track a little quicker.

Then just before the Saturday evening race program was ready to begin, the skies darkened, lightning and thunder filled the air, as a major downpour swept through area. Around 9:30 pm WSORR officials got one group of racers out on the track to begin the season. Then just after the Super Truck division finished, a major rain storm erupted again. This time the rest of the program was cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday morning, before the regular schedule of Round Two racing.

Luke Zoetmulder

Round 1

Luke Zoetmulder in his #942 Probst-built Toyota Super Buggy drew the pole position as the rest of the fourteen buggy field lined up behind him. Luke ran a great race as he stayed out of trouble and finished a strong sixth place in the opening round of the 2008 season.

Round 2

The start of Round 2 was tough on the Invisible Glass Super Buggy. When the green flag dropped, #929 Scott Schwalbe almost immediately bumped Luke's buggy. When it happened again Schwalbe's right front tire was caught inside of Luke's right rear tire. By the time track workers were able to pry the two apart. Both racers were two laps down. At the finish, Luke was credited with an eleventh place finish.

"Round One was probably the most fun I've had in the buggy in a while," commented Luke Zoetmulder. "I made some passes, and was pressuring Barnum pretty hard the last couple of laps. I think I could have got'em if we had one more lap. Round two the start was just a racing deal. The buggy in front of me got a slow launch at the start. I had to check up, which led Scott right into me. It was just bad luck when we got hooked together and could not get ourselves free. The course workers were great. They got their quickly and got us apart without damaging either buggy. Once again the Hankook Tire DynaPro MTs worked awesome. Earlier in the day the Hankooks had to contend with a slight damp track, especially if you got out of the main groove, and they really displaced the mud and got down into the hard tack. What an awesome tire."

Steven Federico

Round 1

Steven Federico and his #24 Invisible Glass Q Racing Oil Lost Dunes Golf Club Hankook Tire Toyota Tacoma PRO-Light grabbed the early holeshot. After the first lap, the #24 PRO-Light truck began to misfire greatly reducing the pace of the Toyota. At the flag, Steven finished in eighth place.

With little time before Round Two, team members, A.J. S'atenstein and Chris Hansen went to work looking for the problem. The crew changed ignition boxes, plugs, wires, the battery, the fuel pressure regulator, and the fuel pump. The problem lessened, but the engine still wasn't one hundred percent.

Round Two

Steven Federico went out knowing his engine was not performing it best. Nonetheless, Steven was going to give it his best shot to land on the podium. At the start the intermittent engine misfires made the #24 Invisible Glass Toyota a handful to drive. About the third lap, Steven seemed to get a rhythm going and began moving past several competitors. When the checkered flag fell on the tenth lap, Steven crossed the line in a respectable fourth place.

"We were fighting some gremlins in our motor today," explained Steven Federico. "First we thought it was an ignition problem, then an electrical problem, then a fuel problem. Chris and A.J. replaced whatever we could in the short time between races. We went back out, but it still was far from perfect. Even so, we just missed standing on the podium. When we get back we have our problem solved, and look to give Kincaid, and my teammate a good run for the top spot."

Lee O'Donnell

Round One

Lee O'Donnell and his #23 Hankook Tire Invisible Glass Q Racing Motor Oil Toyota Tacoma took the starting grid in the outside position in row two. The track was still damp, in spots, so getting out of the main groove, was not an option. The start of the race saw Lee fight for position and got pushed out of the dry groove a few times, allowing mud to restrict his line of sight. The #23 Toyota Tacoma crossed the finish line in fifth place.

Quickly, the crew changed the front springs to help to Toyota rotate better through the turns.

Round Two

Again O'Donnell started in the second row of the grid. Early in the race, Lee lost a few spots, and then began making his way towards the front of the field. On the final lap, Lee really came flying through the rhythm section make the pass on #31 John Fitzgerald stick, giving the #23 Hankook Toyota a second place finish.

Comments from Lee O'Donnell: "Round One I seemed to get pelted with mud though much of the race. I had trouble seeing at times, but battled on. Round two I was determined to get on the podium and we did. The Hankook Tires don't loose there grip during the race. In fact the DynaPro tire seems to get better the more laps we run. The motor isn't quite right. When I get it back to Case Gunderson at Race Fab, he will send some extra time with the engine and I know we will have something for Kincaid when we get to Crandon. Thanks again to my crew, my teammates, the awesome Hankook DynaPro tires, Invisible Glass, and Case at Race Fab for the incredible race prep on my truck."

The next race for Sticker Dude Motorsports is the Forest County Potawotomi Brush Run, June 21-22, in Crandon, Wisconsin.

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