WSORR: Severson named technical, rules director

WORLD SERIES OF OFF-ROAD RACING BOLSTERS STAFF WITH VETERAN RACE OFFICIAL CRANDON, WI -- The Lucas Oil World Series of Off-Road Racing (WSORR) announced that off-road veteran Terry Severson has joined the staff as Director - Technical & Rules.


CRANDON, WI -- The Lucas Oil World Series of Off-Road Racing (WSORR) announced that off-road veteran Terry Severson has joined the staff as Director - Technical & Rules. Severson has been involved in off-road for more than three decades as a racer and race official.

He spent the last eight years with the CORR series, serving most recently as Midwest Sportsman Tech and Race Director as well as Western Sportsman Tech Director. Prior to that, Severson worked in a variety of off-road official capacities, including Tech and Competition Supervisor for Pro and Sportsman classes, Sportsman Tech Director, Safety Coordinator, Event Coordinator and Race Controller. Severson was also involved in the design and construction of off-road tracks in Topeka, KS; I-96 Speedway in Lake Odessa, MI (the second stop on the 2007 WSORR tour); and Dresser, WI.

Severson joins the staff of WSORR Chief Race Steward Jake Flannery. "Terry comes to us with a wealth of experience in all phases of off-road racing and will be a welcome addition to our veteran team," said Flannery. "His integrity and knowledge of racers across the country will make him someone that we can depend on to help us create a competitive and fair race atmosphere and a safe racing environment at all WSORR events. Our racers will undergo a vigorous WSORR technical inspection under Terry's supervision, to ensure the safety of themselves and others," added Flannery. "Terry also has a love and dedication to off-road racing that is shared by every other member of the WSORR staff, always putting the interest of the sport first," said Flannery.

Severson first raced at the famed Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in 1976 and continued racing in the Midwest throughout the 1980s and 90s in a variety of buggy and truck classes before hanging up his race suit to work as a race official. "I've been involved as a participant or official for more than 30 years in this sport," said Severson. "My background and experience helps me understand the needs of the race teams but I also have an appreciation for the tremendous emphasis that must be placed on safety in our sport," he said. "Safety is an issue that impacts all of us -- racers, fans, sponsors, promoters, television and track workers. Making sure every race vehicle is safe and is on the same level playing field as the rest of the class has been made a top priority at WSORR," added Severson.

Flannery noted that Severson's appointment adds to the "seamless continuity" of off-road racing in the Midwest. "We continue to bolster staffing at WSORR with the very best people in the business," he said. "There is no substitute for experience in this sport. I don't care if it is technical and competition, publicity and marketing, TV and production, event setup and promotion, driver registration. This sport has special needs and requires a depth of experience and we have the staff that is making a difference," said Flannery.

"Terry is an excellent example," he continued. "And it's the same story throughout our line-up of personnel," he said. "This isn't the flashy, hot news items like our monster multi-year TV deal with SPEED, or our huge increases in racer purses this coming season," he commented. "But it is the foundation for taking the business of off-road racing very seriously for the success of all involved".

Severson was born and has lived in Spooner, WI, his entire life. He and his wife of 35 years, Ilene, have one daughter, Amie. "My family and I have had a wonderful life being involved with the off-road racing community. I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue that association and to help this sport grow alongside the other dedicated staff members of the World Series," said Severson.

"It's hard to put a title on Terry," said Flannery. "With all that experience, Terry will be a key member in all the on-track safety, technical, design, competition decisions and directions we take," he said. Flannery said that additional appointments will be made to his competition and technical staff prior to the WSORR season opening event May 19-20 at Steele County Fairgrounds in Owatonna, MN.

The Lucas Oil World Series of Off-Road Racing is a national short course racing series with a three-year prime time SPEED Network television package through the 2009 season. In addition to a three-year Lucas Oil title sponsorship, the Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCP) is on-board with the WSORR as presenting sponsor, also for three years.

Headquarted in the Midwest -- the "Mecca" of short course off-road racing in the U.S. -- the WSORR features high performance 4x4 and 2-wheel drive pickup trucks racing in their natural environment -- off-road. Other classes range from stock pickup trucks to exotic, high-flying race buggies.

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