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Ruppel Charges Hard Ends Early June 13, 2007 (Chetek, WI) - Eric Ruppel and his ...

Ruppel Charges Hard Ends Early

June 13, 2007 (Chetek, WI) - Eric Ruppel and his #837 Phil's Inc, Art Carr Transmission, Halama Synthetics, BFGoodrich Tire Ford F-150 came to the opening rounds of the 2007 World Series of Off-Road Racing looking confident as the entire truck was stripped down, and upgraded in several areas. The limitations of the Stock Truck division does not allow for exotic suspension or major modifications to the engine, but team was able to replace the steel pickup bed with fiberglass bedsides. Along with running bead locked wheels, Eric and his crew were looking forward to the inaugural 2007 WSORR race season.

The new season saw a new race series in the midwest, as well as, a new race venue, the Steele County Fairground in Owatonna, Minnesota. The facility was awesome. The fairgrounds were right in the middle of a fairly large town, as the track was a layout that used the existing half-mile banked dirt oval.

Saturday - Round One

The start had Eric come out of turn one in fifth place. The next six laps had Eric battling #863 Al Koniter for the fourth spot. On lap 5, Eric attempted to clear the second set of triple jumps and nearly rolled the truck. On lap 6 Eric attempted the same move in order to pass Konitzer. Unfortunately, the second try ended the day for #837 Phil's Inc, Art Carr Ford F-150. The truck nosed in heavily into the dirt, nearly rolling again, but this time the truck lost power and would not restart.

Afterwards the team found a cracked starter housing, and a broken shock mount. The crew went to work replacing the starter and repairing the broken mount. "I got abit over confident about the ability of the truck," commented Eric Ruppel. "The new engine has so much power, I really thought we could clear that triple. Fortunately the damage was minor. Kramer and the crew had the truck ready by dinnertime."

Sunday - Round Two

The race teams were greeted with a race track that was muddy and partly underwater. During the night and early morning, heavy rains blanketed the area. WSORR cancelled practice and went to work drying out the track. By the time the Stock Truck division hit the track, the surface was dry and very tacky. The condition of the race surface was almost perfect. Eric started on the front row and quickly grabbed the lead into turn one. As Eric downshifted and applied the power coming out of turn one, the differential broke. Once again ending his race. Afterwards, the crew found a broken pinion gear, probably caused by the hard hit during Saturday's race.

The next race for Ruppel Motorsports is June 23-24, in Crandon, Wisconsin for the WSORR Forest County Potowatomi Brush Run.

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