WSORR: Oshkosh: Ross Hoek Motorsports weekend summary

Hoek Survives Oshkosh with 4 Top-5 Finishes Holland, MI (July 29, 2008) - Ross Hoek had both of his Skyjacker Suspensions, Raybestos Brakes, Goodyear Tires Ford F-150 race trucks prepped and ready for the challenges of the...

Hoek Survives Oshkosh with 4 Top-5 Finishes

Holland, MI (July 29, 2008) - Ross Hoek had both of his Skyjacker Suspensions, Raybestos Brakes, Goodyear Tires Ford F-150 race trucks prepped and ready for the challenges of the WSORR's version of "Bristol"; the Oshkosh Speedzone at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Ross Hoek Motorsports is coming off a pair of second place finishes at Bark River, in both his PRO-2WD, and Super Truck Ford F-150's.

Friday Night - Round VII

Super Truck
The start saw Ross Hoek drive his #210 Skyjacker F-150 into fourth place, coming out of the first turn. Ross and #279 Schreiner fought for the fourth position for much of the race. The Skyjacker Ford F-150 was faster through the tight technical part of the track, but lost ground on the super slick oval. At the halfway point of the race, a PRO-4 truck got between Ross and #279 Schreiner. After spending a few laps going back and forth with the PRO-4 racer, Ross' Super Truck got around for good, but now had too much ground to cover, and not enough time, to chase down Schreiner. At the finish, Ross came across in fifth place.

The nine truck starting grid had the Hoek Motorsports #21 Skyjacker Raybestos Brakes Goodyear Tires Ford F-150 coming through the first turn, in fifth place. Two laps later, the Skyjacker Ford made the move to fourth place. Ross raced hard with Dan Vanden Heuvel Jr., driving the # 5 hand controls truck of Evan Evans. The challenge on #5 Vanden Heuvel Jr., ended abruptly, as Ross brushed the concrete wall coming out of Turn 4 of the stock car track. The next lap, the Skyjacker Ford ran at a reduced pace, until Ross made sure the truck wasn't damaged, and then went back to full song. At the end of fourteen laps, Ross was rewarded with a hard fought fourth place finish.

Later that night Ross commented, "We just missed the setup with our trucks tonight. It doesn't take much on such a short track to get behind. The PRO-2 just wouldn't run over the rough rhythm sections at Oshkosh; the team will put their heads together, and make some changes, in order to get up on the podium for tomorrow."

Saturday Night - Round VIII

Super Truck
Ross took to the track, looking to improve on his performance from the previous night. The first turn of the race saw quite a bit of contact, putting the #21 Skyjacker Raybestos Brakes Goodyear Tires Ford F-150 well behind the front runners. Undaunted, Ross make the right moves, quickly, to get up into fifth place by lap three. At that point, the same issues from Friday night reappeared as Ross did all he could, to stay in the fifth spot. In the end, Ross crossed the finish line in a disappointing fifth place.

The Skyjacker Suspensions Raybestos Brakes Goodyear Tires Ford F-150 came out of the gate strong, moving up to fourth place. The luck of the draw saw Ross quickly grab the lead, when #99 Probst broke and three trucks got tangled up on the infield turn. Ross alertly guided the #21 Skyjacker Ford inside of the mayhem and grabbed the lead. Unfortunately, Ross continued to have traction problem when running on the stock car oval, allowing three trucks to get round him. Towards the end of the race, #18 Konitzer challenged Ross for the position. The two evenly matched trucks went door to door, with Ross keeping Konitzer at bay, all the way to the finish. Officially Ross Hoek crossed the finish line in fifth place.

"This weekend wasn't what we hoped for," remarked Ross Hoek. "This was our first weekend all year without a podium finish. We need to improve the suspension setup on the Super Truck, and correct our fuel problem on the PRO-2WD. I look forward going back to Bark River; it's a track I've had quite a bit of success at. This is our first year running a two truck team, and we're very happy with our overall points position, in both classes, but its time to get some wins."

Currently, Ross Hoek is in fourth place, in both, the WSORR Super Truck and PRO-2WD Championship points standings.

The next race for Ross Hoek Motorsports is August 9-10, in Bark River, Michigan.


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