WSORR: Oshkosh: Keith Steele weekend summary

Steele Sweeps Oshkosh -Continues to Lead Super Truck Madison, WI (July 28, 2008) - The Steele Off-Road Monster Energy Chevy, arrived at the Oshkosh Speedzone, looking to continue its chase for the WSORR Super Truck championship. The Steele...

Steele Sweeps Oshkosh -Continues to Lead Super Truck

Madison, WI (July 28, 2008) - The Steele Off-Road Monster Energy Chevy, arrived at the Oshkosh Speedzone, looking to continue its chase for the WSORR Super Truck championship. The Steele machine was strong at the wide open spaces of Bark River, but Keith knew the short technical track at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds, would take a totally different chassis setup and driving style.

The actual track in Oshkosh was setup in and around the one-third mile clay oval. The overall length was .66 miles and consisted of banked corners, two rhythm sections, and high speed jumps. The course definitely kept the racers alert.

The Super Truck and PRO-4 division were racing together in a challenge race format with overall winner getting a bonus check. The PRO-4 racers have yet to come out on top; hopefully the Monster Energy Chevy could keep that streak in tacked.

Round VII - Friday Night

The start had Keith Steele and his #229 Monster Energy Chevrolet Silverado start from the back of the pack. The start saw Keith, driving patiently, as he was running in sixth place after the first lap. Gradually, the #229 Goodyear Silverado cleanly picked up a couple of spots, and was in fourth place by lap four. On lap six, Keith was pressuring #217 Baudoux for the lead. The two Super Trucks went back and forth for the lead several times until Keith took the top spot for good on lap seven. Even after grabbing the lead, multi-time champion Dan Baudoux stayed right on the bumper of the Monster Chevrolet. The finish saw Keith Steele cross the line in first, with Dan Baudoux, about four feet behind, in second, and Ben Wandahsega taking third.

"This place is awesome," commented Keith Steele. "This is a true driver's track. I knew I had to pick my spots to pass. We all raced each other clean. My Goodyear tires held up great. I didn't have to peddle the throttle going through the final corners like some others. It allowed us to use all that Wolverine horsepower, when it came to the final laps. Thanks again to my crew, my family, without them we couldn't be here. I love this night racing now we have all day tomorrow to prep...It's a MONSTER win for us!"

Round VIII - Saturday Night

As the grandstands filled to capacity, WSORR officials unleashed another incredible night of short-course off-road racing. The Super Truck PRO-4 Challenge race was no exception.

The start saw #297 Wandahsega jump in to lead, while Keith and his #229 Monster Energy Goodyear Chevrolet Silverado was battling # 217 Baudoux for the third position. The track conditions were slicker than the previous night, as the track officials put more moisture into the track. This put a premium, even more than before, on traction throughout the oval portion of the track.

On lap 4, second place Schreiner bobbles through the second rhythm section, allowing Keith to move into second. A few laps later, Keith and Wandahsega go side by side for the lead. At the two trucks head back on to the stock car oval, the Goodyear tires get the Wolverine power to the ground, and put the Monster Energy Chevy in the lead. At the finish it was Keith Steele first, Dan Baudoux a distant second, and first time podium finisher, Ron Schreiner, third.

The weekend was not over yet, for Keith Steele and his Monster team. Keith entered the PRO-2 race, the last race on Saturday night's schedule. The only difference between a WSORR Super Truck and a PRO-2WD truck is the engine. A PRO-2WD has about 200 horsepower more than the Super Truck.

The start had Keith coming out of the first turn in last place. Undaunted, he used his experience from earlier in the evening to gradually pick his way through the field. Then with four laps to go, the Monster Energy Chevy caught third place #10 Waldvogel. On the final lap, coming out of the second to last turn, Keith dove inside of Waldvogel for the final spot on the podium. The top three finishers were #77 Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr., #5 Dan Vanden Heuvel Jr., and #29 Keith Steele.

"We came up with a different Goodyear tire than normal to run out here tonight," explained Keith Steele. "That really made the difference. This place isn't about horsepower, it's about traction and using what the track gives you. The Wolverine engine didn't miss a beat, the J & H transmission was perfect, and the Goodyear tires were the best. We decide to run the PRO-2 because the truck didn't have any problems all weekend, and I know, next year, I'll be running in this class against the best in the business. Thanks again to my crew, my family, and Joe Parsons and Mark Hall, at Monster Energy."

After eight rounds of racing, Keith Steele continues to lead the 2008 WSORR Super Truck Championship standings.

The next race is the Island Casino/Boss Snow Off-Road Challenge II, in Bark River, Michigan, August 16 & 17.


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