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Sticker Dude Motorsports Battles Adversity in Crandon June 26, 2007 (Lake Zurich, IL) -- The three drivers that make up Sticker Dude Motorsports were looking for consistency in their driving performance. The Pro-Light drivers, Steven Federico...

Sticker Dude Motorsports Battles Adversity in Crandon

June 26, 2007 (Lake Zurich, IL) -- The three drivers that make up Sticker Dude Motorsports were looking for consistency in their driving performance. The Pro-Light drivers, Steven Federico and Lee O'Donnell, are veterans when it comes to Crandon International Raceway. Luke Zoetmulder has competed at the "Big House" a few times, and has time testing at this track, this past spring, looking to gain an advantage on his fellow Super Buggy competitors.

The weather in Crandon was incredible for early June. The skies were sunny, a slight breeze, temperatures in the 80's, and not a cloud in the sky all weekend. This made for some incredible WSORR racing.

Round 3

Super Buggy
The start saw Luke Zoetmulder in his #942 Sticker Dude Designs Invisible Glass Hankook Tires Toyota powered Super Buggy come through Turn One in good shape. At the end of the first lap, Luke found himself in fifth place. On lap three, Luke got tangled in some traffic and slipped back to the 12th spot. Undaunted, Luke gathered up the Buggy and began working his way up the field. At the end of the nine lap event, Luke crossed the finish line in eighth place.

The field of sixteen PRO-Light trucks headed down into Turn One and somehow everyone came through unscathed. Lee O'Donnell and his #23 Invisible Glass PF Changs Hankook Tire Nissan Frontier headed down the front straightaway in the sixth position.

Meanwhile Lee's teammate, Steven Federico and his #24 PF Changs Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs Hankook Tire Toyota Tacoma was right behind #24 Nissan. Then as the field came past the Barn Jump, Steven spun out from a fellow competitor's contact, putting him back in last place at the end of lap one.

Steven was charging hard as his Goodwin Performance engine was really making the Hankook Tires work. Just as the #24 was making up some ground on the front runners, the right front wheel broke. Quickly the team made the tire change, but the stop put the #24 Toyota Tacoma one lap down from the leaders. At the finish, Steven was credited with an eleventh place finish.

While Steven had his problems, teammate Lee O'Donnell had a race long battle for position with #77 Vandenhuvel, while trying to catch the Toyota of #63 Kandel. The entire nine lap race, #24 Nissan Frontier held the sixth position.

Later in the evening, Sticker Dude Motorsports discussed their day with

Luke Zoetmulder
"Today was a learning experience for me. I'm still learning about the Buggy and how to drive with all that power behind me. I made a few mistakes, but came home in eighth. We have a fuel pressure situation we need to work on for tomorrow, but the rest is just between race maintenance."

Lee O'Donnell
"We had a clean start and quickly fell in line with the fast guys in the class. My Nissan is a little short on horsepower compared Kincaid and Hord, and at Crandon it's hard to overcome the lack of horsepower. Overall finishing a solid sixth, is fairly good, considering the level of competition we run against. I really believe Hankook has hit a home run with these DynaPro tires. They really hookup well in the Crandon gravel. I can't forget about Case Gunderson of Race Fab. He does all the race prep on the truck, and it performs flawlessly. I get to the track, jump in and drive. I can't say enough about great prep work by Case."

Steven Federico
"The Goodwin Performance Toyota engine has unbelievable power. The Hankook Tires are just awesome, I was at the receiving end of some contact and the truck looped right around, The broken wheel was caused a hard hit , from another racer. Tomorrow is a new day, and the PFChangs Invisible Glass HankookTire Toyota Tacoma will be ready for Sunday"

Round 4

Super Buggy
The start saw Luke grab the holeshot as he led the entire field down the Skybox straightaway. On lap two Luke did a vicious barrel roll as he headed into the "gravel pit" section of the track. Luke got out of his Buggy feeling a little fuzzy, but okay. This quickly ended his weekend.

This time Steven Federico grabbed the lead right from the drop of the flag. Then suddenly Steven pulled the #24 Toyota Tacoma off the track. The engine temperature had soared to 270 degrees, and a quick thinking Steven turned off the engine to prevent any serious damage to the powerplant. He officially finished in the thirteenth spot.

While Steven's race ended early, Lee O'Donnell has problems of his own. His position in the second row on the starting grid prevented him from reaching the front pack of competitors as they exited Turn One. About halfway through lap one, Ponder and LeDuc tangled directly in front of Lee. With nowhere to go, #23 Nissan Frontier piled into the two stopped trucks. The contact and the time it took to get under power again, put Lee almost a lap down.

A few laps later, his hood broke loose and continually flapped up and down, blocking Lee's vision. A quick trip to the "Hot Pits," fixed his flopping hood, but now he was one lap down. At the finish, Lee was credited with an eighth place finish.

Sticker Dude Motorsports Post Race Comments

Luke Zoetmulder**
"I took a wild ride today. The Buggy took a good hit today, but the damage is not catastrophic. The suspension looks good, the intake manifold on the engine is cracked, but other than that, it really held up well. I feel a little foggy right now, but I'll be good by tomorrow."

Lee' O'Donnell
"If you get stuck racing in the back of the pack, there's a good chance you might get caught up in someone else's mess. That's what happened today. I'll get the truck back over to Race Fab and they will have ready to contend for a podium in Bark River."

Steven Federico
"Did you see that holeshot. The Hankook DynaPro Tires are just awesome. Unfortunately, a cooling problem ended our day way too soon. Goodwin came by afterwards to check up on the motor, and luckily I shut it down before any damage occurred. I love going to Bark River. It's where I got my first PRO division win. It might be a fight between teammates for the top spot."

**On Monday morning, Lee Zoetmulder did to get to a doctor, back home, and was diagnosed with a mild concussion. The doctor ordered several days of rest.


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