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Sticker Dude Motorsports BorgWarner Off-Road World Championship Race Report Lake Zurich, IL (September 5, 2007) - Sticker Dude Motorsports came to Crandon International Raceway looking to build on the team's strong performances from Bark River.

Sticker Dude Motorsports BorgWarner Off-Road World Championship Race Report

Lake Zurich, IL (September 5, 2007) - Sticker Dude Motorsports came to Crandon International Raceway looking to build on the team's strong performances from Bark River. The BorgWarner Off-Road World Championship is the most important stop on WSORR Tour 2007. Typically everything is bigger Labor Day weekend. The competition is bigger, the purses are bigger, and the spectator turnout is huge. In fact, this year, an estimated 80,000 spectators came through the gates for the three day event.

Due to the importance of the annual Labor Day weekend event, Sticker Dude Motorsports brings a huge support group to assist with not only the performance of the three race vehicles, but to assist with the marketing and promotion of the team's sponsors. Several 2008 Toyota Tundra trucks were on display, as well as, products from Hankook Tires, Invisible Glass, American Racing, Gatorade, AMSOIL, and Racing Optics.

The team introduced, Teija, the Sticker Dude "Umbrella Girl." Throughout the weekend, Teija spent time posing for photos and signing autographs as she donned the latest apparel from the team sponsor.

Representatives from Toyota, Hankook Tire, Quartermaster, and Phil's Inc. were also in the Sticker Dude pit area to help the team and answer any questions the thousands of WSORR fans may have had.

"Decision at Sundown"

On Friday night, the inaugural "Decision at Sundown" Pro-Light Challenge Race was run. The high stakes race saw the best PRO-Light racers from around the country battle it out in a nine lap shootout. Sticker Dude Motorsports had Steven Federico with his #24 Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs P.F. Changs Hankook Tires Toyota Tacoma and Lee O'Donnell with his #23 Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs P.F. Changs Hankook Tires Nissan Frontier looking to take home the big trophy and paycheck.

The start of the race saw five trucks, roll and pile into each other, as the field came through Potowatomi Turn One. Immediately the race was red flagged, ensuring the safety of the drivers. The restart of the race saw Steven and Lee running toward the front of the pack, when Steven lost his brakes. On lap two, Federico pulled into the pits and called it a night keeping in mind the importance of the weekend's points races.

Meanwhile, Lee has his #23 Nissan Frontier battling for a spot on the podium. Much of the race, Lee was running in the third spot. With two laps to go, #63 Kandel spins Lee, back in the Gravel Pit, allowing two competitors to get by. At the finish in was 1st- Kincaid, 2nd-LeDuc, 3rd- Hintz, 4th -Kandel, and 5th-Lee O'Donnell.

Afterwards the two PRO-Light drivers commented:

Steven Federico - "I came through Turn One back in the pack, but cleanly. I just was getting ready to work by a couple of trucks when the brake pedal went to the floor. With two Championship points races yet to be run, I pulled off. The points races are more important in the scheme of things."

Lee O'Donnell - "I thought I had a podium finish tonight. The last half of the race my power steering started to give me a slight problem. It wasn't enough to affect the run we were having. Then Kandel spun me right around. Two guys went by. That was it. I'm disappointed with the outcome, because we got knocked back couple of spots thanks to someone getting overaggressive. The crew will replace the steering box and we should be good to go for Saturday."

Luke Zoetmulder - #942 Super Buggy

Saturday - Round 9

The start saw Luke with his #942 Sticker Dude Designs Invisible Glass P.F.Changs Hankook Tires Toyota-powered Super Buggy grab the holeshot on the other sixteen competitors, heading into Turn One. As Luke entered the Gravel Pit, Hawley and Biesek made contact with the #942 Super Buggy allowing the entire field to go by. Quickly Luke regrouped, and within two laps, had battled back to seventh place.

While Luke was moving up in the standings, his engine began to overheat. On lap four the engine shutdown hopefully preventing any terminal damage.Officially, Luke finished in fifteenth position.

Overnight, Jason and Luke went through the Probst-designed Super Buggy and traced the cooling fan problem to a bad ground wire. The team still found good compression in the FAT performance powerplant, and then fixed the wiring that caused the cooling problem.

Sunday - Round 10

The nine lap event saw a confident Luke Zoetmulder work his way from the back of the pack all the way up the sixth place when the checkered flag fell. This was one of Luke's strongest performances of the year.

"Saturday's overheating was a fluke thing," commented Luke Zoetmulder. "When the fans were working, it was too late. Halfway through the run, I just shut it down. Jason checked the compression and it was still good. We prepped the buggy for today and were confident we were going to have a good run. Today came out of the hole with a three car lead into Turn One, then spun out because I was concerned for the other drivers safety. I was drifting quickly towards the outside and thought I might cause a serious wreck, so instead I took myself out to avoid carnage. Had Charlie, my spotter, been able to see my lead into Turn One and that I had a three car lead, he would have told me to stay in it. Safety is #1 in my book. Again, due to the incredible power of the FAT Performance Toyota motor and the traction of my Hankook Dynapro MT's, I was able to work my way from seventeenth to sixth. Although, it was disappointing in the beginning, it was a satisfying finish. To fight for position with Aaron Hawley, a past class champion,and then pass him on the last lap, made my weekend. Aaron told me a many times I wouldn't beat him for a few years! It's a great feeling to pull that off. I worked my tail off for 3 laps to pass him!"

Currently Luke Zoetmulder is in eleventh place in the 2007 WSORR Super Buggy Championship standings, only nineteen points behind fifth place.

Steven Federico - #24 PRO-Light

Saturday - Round 10

Steven came out of Turn One, midpack, when he got spun just before the Barn Jump. This put the Wilmette, Illinois native, last as the field went down the backstretch. Methodically, Steven went to work on the competition and when the checkered flag fell, the #24 Toyota Tacoma was in fourth place.

At the end of Round 10, the engine in the Toyota Tacoma didn't sound quite right. So as A.J. and Chris were going through the usual Saturday night prep work, team decided to switch to the backup engine.

Sunday - Round 11

The #24 Invisible Glass Toyota came through the first turn in sixth place. By lap 4, Steven made the move in third place. The finish saw Steven standing on the podium in third place.

"Both days my spotter, Steve Krieman kept me calm and to take it one at time," stated Steven Federico. "The Hankook Tires performed incredible, once again, and the Fox Shoxs really had our Toyota Tacoma handling everything the track threw at us. Hopefully we can gain a few points on the competition at Wheatland and end up in the Top 3 for the Championship."

Currently Steven Federico is fourth in the 2007 WSORR PRO-Light Championship standings, only three points behind third place.

Lee O'Donnell - #23 PRO-Light

Saturday - Round 10

From the green flag, Lee quickly moved towards the lead pack. Halfway through the first lap, the #23 Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs P.F. Changs Hankook Tire Nissan Frontier was moved into fourth place. Then on lap two, Lee ran over a broken fender support as he headed for the Gravel Pit. The steel bar punctured the tire and the aluminum wheel, sending the Nissan into the pits for a tire change. Once back out on the track, Lee was one lap down from the leaders. At the finish, the #23 was scored in ninth place.

Overnight, Jon and Lee, checked the truck over for any additional damage, but everything was good to go.

Sunday - Round 11

The landrush start had the #23 Nissan Frontier stuck in the back of the pack coming out of Turn One. Just like his teammate, Lee cleanly worked his way through the field and finished in sixth place with the checkered flag fell.

"The truck ran flawlessly all weekend," commented Lee O'Donnell. "I just had this dark cloud hanging over me this weekend. Once again, Case Gunderson at Race Fab, does a great job prepping the truck between race weekends. All I have to do is get in and drive. I really believe the Hankook Tires give all three of us an advantage, when especially when we need to go off our line to make a pass."

Currently Lee O'Donnell is ninth, in the 2007 WSORR PRO-Light Championship standings, only ten points behind seventh place.

Final Race of the World Series of Off-Road Racing Tour 2007 September 22-23 NISSAN "Showdown in the Show-Me State" Lucas Oil Speedway - Wheatland, Missouri


"Lastly, I would like to thank the entire crew in the Sticker Dude pits for all their hard work this past weekend," commented Luke Zoetmulder. "Championship weekend is long to begin with, but to add in the Shootout race on Friday night, it makes for a lot of work. Jason and Jason, my crew guys, worked hard all weekend. Jon did a great job getting Lee ready for Saturday. AJ, Chris, Charlie, and Jake put in some extra hours to get Steve out on Sunday morning. Great job guys!!!! Thanks to the representatives from Toyota, Hankook Tire, Quartermaster, and Vehicle Dynamix who were on hand to help with the team and answer any questions from the fans as they stopped by as well. I can't forget all our family and friends that came out as well."


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