WSORR: Crandon II: Scott Taylor weekend summary

Scott Taylor Wins BorgWarner Cup for the Second Time Only 2WD Winner Does It Again! Belvidere, IL (September 2, 2008) - Scott Taylor and his ...

Scott Taylor Wins BorgWarner Cup for the Second Time
Only 2WD Winner Does It Again!

Belvidere, IL (September 2, 2008) - Scott Taylor and his #8 Skyjacker Suspensions Russ Wernimont Designs BFGoodrich Ford F-150 made its second trip of the year, to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway. The team was looking for some good "home cooking" to get their race program back on track. The 39th annual Borg Warner Off-Road World Championships at the "Big House" was just what Scott Taylor needed, as he continued to rewrite the Crandon history books.

The familiar red, white and blue Skyjacker Ford F-150 has only raced the two events in the Midwest, both Crandon events, as Taylor Racing committed to compete in the West Coast based CORR series. Scott and his team were glad to be back around familiar faces and friends, on the hallowed grounds of this historic track.

After the Friday morning, parade and driver's meeting in downtown Crandon, qualifying for the BorgWarner Heavy Metal Shootout took place. Scott Taylor set a new PRO-2WD lap record with a time of 1 minute 25.23 seconds. His time broke a seven year old record by more than one second.

Saturday -Round XI

The starting grid had Scott and his Skyjacker Ford start in the back row. This was due to the limited WSORR schedule Taylor Racing had run. The start saw Scott put the RoushYates horsepower to his BFGoodrich tires launching his #8 Ford past all, but two competitors, as the field came out of Forest County Potawatomi Turn One. After one lap, Scott got around #10 Waldvogel for second, with his sites set on the leader, #21 Hoek. With about three laps to go, the third place truck, #17 Renezeder, made contact with the #8 Skyjacker Ford, puncturing the left rear tire. This slowed Scott's pace allowing Renezeder to take the position. Undaunted, Scott kept the pedal to the metal, as the tire began to shred. Fortunately the tire's inner liner held up, giving the Skyjacker Suspension RWD BFGoodrich Tire Ford F-150 a third place finish.

Overnight chief engineer, Russ Wernimont, crew chief Mike Kasch, and Scott Taylor came up with a few changes to their #8 hot rod, in the hopes of gaining more top speed, out of the Skyjacker BFG Ford.

Sunday - Round XII

Once again, Scott and his #8 Skyjacker Suspensions Russ Wernimont Designs BFGoodrich Ford F-150 were lined up at the back of the pack. The land rush start saw #21 Hoek grab the holeshot with Scott coming through the first turn in fifth place. Then Scott went to work on the field. The BFGoodrich tires were putting all the RoushYates horsepower to good use. By lap five, Scott got up to the leader, #21 Hoek, and made the pass for the lead. At the finish it was Scott Taylor - 1st, Mike Oberg- 2nd, and Rhonda Konitzer- 3rd.

"The last week we have really made some progress getting this new truck package to work better," remarked Scott Taylor. "Then last night we changed a sway bar, and made a carburetor and intake manifold change that's better suited for fast tracks like Crandon. It really lets this new RoushYates engine really breathe."

BorgWarner Heavy Metal Shootout

The final race of the day was the BorgWarner Heavy Metal Shootout. As in year's past, the two-wheel drive competitors get a head start over the four wheel drive counterparts.

The polesitter, Scott Taylor, immediately jumped into the lead when the green flag fell. The #8 Skyjacker Suspensions RWD BFGoodrich Tires Ford F- 150 was a rocket ship. When #17 Renezeder and #99 Probst got tangled together in the Argonne Corner, Russ radioed to Scott to really get on that RoushYates engine, to widen the gap on the competition.

Then on lap two, in the same area, the four wheel drive leader, #4 Greaves, got caught up into another truck, rolling several times. Before track workers could get to the truck, two more race trucks, piled into the upside down Greaves. The Argonne Corner could have been named Carnage Corner, with all the damaged trucks that were limping back to the pits. While all of this was going on, Scott kept pushing the limits of his Skyjacker Ford.

On lap five, Russ radioed to Scott that his lead over second place was over fifteen seconds. Realizing that any threat from a four wheel drive truck was gone, Scott backed off slightly, keeping second place at bay, ensuring his second BorgWarner trophy, and the first one for Skyjacker Suspensions.

Scott Taylor is the only two-wheel drive driver to win the BorgWarner. The reigning WSORR PRO-2WD champion accomplished the feat in 2002, and once again this year.

A jubilant Scott Taylor talked about the road to his historic victory;

We built a new truck this year and have struggled quite a bit all season. We committed to run the West Coast series, and race both Crandon events. We have tried all types of things to get this truck to perform. Changes in shocks, springs, engines, any thing we could think of. Within the last couple of weeks, we made great strides. We switched to King Shocks and their engineers came out to help with the setup. RoushYates built us an awesome engine that puts us up front. Russ, Mike, and I have never given up, and it's finally paying dividends."

"I need to thank Skyjacker Suspensions, BFGoodrich Tires, Ford Trucks, Russ Wernimont Designs, Justice Brothers, Miller Electric, and everyone else on the side of the truck. I must thank the World Series of Off-Road Racing for continuing the tradition of short course off- road racing, with the incredible support from the Forest County Potawatomi community, Lucas Oil, BorgWarner, Traxxas, the Crandon community, and all the volunteers that make this race track what it is."

Scott Taylor's next race: September 13-14, Championship Off-Road Racing at the QUARRY, Chula Vista, California.

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