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Dan Vandenhuevel Sr. and Brendan Gaughan Showcase RHM at Crandon International raceway Holland, MI (September 5, 2007) - Ross Hoek Motorsports lined up two of the biggest names in professional truck racing to pilot the Herculiner Precision Gear...

Dan Vandenhuevel Sr. and Brendan Gaughan Showcase RHM at Crandon International raceway

Holland, MI (September 5, 2007) - Ross Hoek Motorsports lined up two of the biggest names in professional truck racing to pilot the Herculiner Precision Gear Toyo Tires PRO-2WD for the BorgWarner Off-Road World Championships in Crandon, Wisconsin.

Dan Vandenhuevel Sr. and Brendan Gaughan did not disappoint Crandon's estimated 80,000 weekend spectators, as the two championship drivers showcased their talents, as well as, the performance of the 2007 RHM-built race truck.

Dan Vandenhuevel Sr.
Friday - BorgWarner Cup Qualifying

The qualifying session saw Dan Vandenhuevel take to the controls of the #27 and safely qualify the truck into the BorgWarner Shootout field. The truck will be piloted by Brendan Gaughan in the shootout, as Dan will be competing in his usual #77 PRO- 2WD truck for Sunday's festivities.

Saturday - Round 12

The morning practice session saw the Dan Vandenhuevel Sr. stop the time clock, third fastest.

The afternoon race lineup had Dan positioned in the second row. This would have Dan battling the talents of the other PRO-2WD competitors, as well as, the mud and gravel thrown back at him, as the field charges for Potowatomi Turn One.

The landrush start saw the #27 Herculiner PRO-2WD skillfully maneuver through Turn One into seventh place. As the nine lap event progressed, Dan became more comfortable with the race truck and crossed the finish line in a solid fifth place.

Afterwards Dan Vandenhuevel commented about the day's events: "Ross's truck is much different from what I'm used to, of course, but it was a good run. I would say if a guy could drive this truck like this in a couple more races, there's no reason it can't be right up there. Today's start is really a handicap when you're in the second row. Mud is all over you. It felt good to come home fifth and give Ross a hand with the truck."

Brendan Gaughan

Sunday morning saw Brendan Gaughan getting fitted to the RHM #20, with his former crew chief, Charlie Schleevy at his side. The NASCAR Craftsman Truck competitor, had just finished tenth at the Gateway 200 in St. Louis the night before, and was looking to bring back his "Crandon Magic," to the RHM team. It's been eight years since Brendan competed at Crandon International Raceway.

The Speed Channel crew was on hand recording his every move as the team prepared for the morning points race and the afternoon BorgWarner Shootout.

A SPEED Channel reporter asked Brendan why he drove all night to come race in Crandon. "I make my living racing NASCAR, but this is the best racing there is!"

Brendan Gaughan comments about the RHM race truck after Sunday TV practice. "I've watched the SPEED footage of Ross this season, and he has come along way with this new truck; at Owatonna, he was still building it in the parking lot. I really appreciate this opportunity, but I feel bad for Ross, his foot really got messed up at Bark River. I know he's got a great ProPower motor in it and after two laps of practice the chassis setup seems good. Charlie and I are working a tire compound change and some different grooving."

Sunday morning comments from Charlie Schleevy with Brendan Gaughan. Let's work on the setup of the truck and you getting comfortable with the truck in the points race. Then let's go for the win in the Cup race."

Round 13

The start had Brendan cleanly make his way through Turn One, with his sights set on the leaders. On lap 2, as Brendan came off the Barn Jump, the truck made contact with #36 Rodrigo Ampudia, causing the #20 Herculiner truck to land on its roof. The Crandon safety crew got the truck back on its Toyo Tires, with Brendan entering the fray, one lap down. The team continued on, as the NASCAR competitor crossed the finish line in ninth place.

"I knew when I came off the Barn Jump and saw Rodrigo there, it wasn't going to be good," commented Brendan Gaughan. "The truck's in great shape for this afternoon. I learned more about the track and the truck. We will be ready for the BorgWarner."

BorgWarner World Championship Manufacturers' Shootout

The PRO-2WD trucks started in front of the main grandstand, approximately a third of a mile ahead of the quicker PRO-4x4 trucks. When the green flag fell, Brendan quickly moved up from his eighth starting position. During the first lap, the #20 had moved up as high as the fourth position. Then on the second lap, a tire went down, after a quicker PRO-4x4 made contact, during a pass for position.

Since there wasn't any Hot Pit crew setup for the Shootout, Brendan made his was back to the transporter, where the RVH crew replaced the Toyo Tire.

Quickly, Brendan reentered the track, to complete a couple more laps, while re-recording his "in truck" TV voiceover for SPEED Channel. During that time Brendan recorded his fastest lap of the day.

Comments from Brendan Gaughan after the BorgWarner. "Your guys built a nice piece there. This is a great truck and I'd love the opportunity to come race it again"

"This was a great weekend for RHM," commented team owner, Ross Hoek. "We put two incredible drivers in our truck this weekend. With very little time behind the wheel, Dan and Brendan showed our competitors and the fans, the strength of our program. I won't be able to get back in the truck until next year, but when that time comes, RHM will be competing for the Championship."

Ross Hoek Motorsports would like thank everyone that helped make this weekend happen,

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