WSORR: Crandon II: Probst Motorsports summary

GREAT SHOWING FOR SIMPLY WOW TEAM IN CRANDON ROUNDS 10-11. The team came once again to Crandon, WI. for the 6th weekend of racing in the World Series of Off Road Racing for the 2007 Pro Circuit tour (WSORR). Arriving on Thursday, the team set...


The team came once again to Crandon, WI. for the 6th weekend of racing in the World Series of Off Road Racing for the 2007 Pro Circuit tour (WSORR). Arriving on Thursday, the team set up the pit area to ready the Simply WOW / JMR / TOYO Tires sponsored Pro 2 and Pro Lite for the Borg Warner World Championship Weekend.

With scheduled qualifying and practice activities on Friday, the team readied and checked over the trucks to make last minute adjustments as they saw fit before the days activities later in the afternoon. A traditional downtown parade including all the race vehicles was in place from 9am to 12pm. With the qualifying for the Borg Warner race to start at 1:30 pm. The qualifying takes place from a number draw downtown during the drivers meeting. Kevin drew 24. The qualifying effort put Kevin on the 5th spot in the Pro 2wd grid. Jon was up for the Decision at Sundown special Pro Lite race later in the evening.

The Decision race was posted as a special event with no championship points for the race. A cash event for sure and Jon was entered to give the rookie driver the much needed track time. At the start Jon entered the first turn in 12th with Jeff Kincaid leading the pack and Chad Hord following. A crash in turn one red flagged the race to clear the 5 truck pileup. Art Schmitt's Nissan was a casualty of the start. The Second green had similar results for Jon with the Simply Wow entry managing to work to the 7th position at the checker. Kincaid took the win decisively.

Saturdays events started with practice and both trucks were ready. Kevin Driving the #99 Pro 2wd and George Schultz driving the Pro lite. Kevin's race was the last event for the day. At the green of the Pro Lite race, George took a good start and came through the first turn in 8th. Working hard to bring the "lite" to a top five spot, George made good decisions and passed to get to 6th. Chasing the 5th spot, George ran out of time to get the position and finished 6th on the day. Starting on the back row due to the points positions, the pro lite has to work hard to get to the front quickly. 6th was a good finish for the team.

Kevin's race was up next, and at the green, Kevin took the holeshot to turn one ahead of Taylor and the rest. The Pro Power engine brought the #99 to turn one with a 3 truck advantage allowing Kevin to choose his line amongst the many entries. Kevin kept a cool pace and lead the race through the 7th lap until the rear brakes boiled and caused the truck to lock the front brakes and get offline just enough for Taylor to make a move. Taylor got some time ahead and Kevin let the brakes cool for a lap and tried to make a comeback crossing the finish line just behind the 8 of Taylor. The last lap effort was good for second and the fast lap of the race, but just short of the win and the World Championship Title.

Sundays events saw Jon and Kevin at the helm again and practice was cancelled. The Pro 2wd class was up first and Kevin entered the first turn in 5th. Passing Konitzer and Evans in the first lap, Kevin was up to 3rd right on the tail of Taylor and Oberg. The short lived effort was stopped by a suspension problem from contact that would not allow Kevin to jump the truck. The 99 was 8th on the day.

Jon Started the pro lite event from the back row and moved to the #9 spot at race end. We are trying things to get Jon the experience to compete at the top of the class, different lines and positions on the track to gain experience in situations, rather than race positions. The truck is fast and will be a contender in 2008.

Then Final event of the weekend was the Borg Warner cup race pitting Pro 2wd trucks against the faster 4wd version. The Pro 2's started in the front of the spectator area with a 10-12 second advantage. At the green, Taylor, Oberg and Kevin all kept a great pace. You could throw a blanket over the 3 trucks for 3 laps. The 5th lap came and the Pro 4s started to catch the lead 2wd trucks. Johnny Greaves passed all the trucks by lap 7 and went on to win, Taylor was second. Cenni hit Kevin breaking the steering ending the day for the team.

The next and last event is Sept 22 in Wheatland, MO. At the Lucas Oil Speedway and the Lucas Oil Nationals.

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