WSORR: Crandon II: Mike Oberg weekend summary

Oberg Dials in New Truck - Heads to Chula Vista with Optimism Driveline Problems Sideline ...

Oberg Dials in New Truck - Heads to Chula Vista with Optimism
Driveline Problems Sideline #80 in Cup Race

Eagle River, WI (September 4, 2008) - Mike Oberg and his #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Chevrolet Silverado looked to Crandon as a morale boost for his race team. This year, Oberg Motorsports committed to a full season of competition in the CORR series, which made racing back home, in the Midwest, almost impossible. Earlier in the year, Mike competed in Crandon's June race, taking first place in the PRO-2WD division in the FCP Chairman's Cup. Oberg Motorsports was looking for similar results when they returned for the 39th annual BorgWarner Off-Road Championships.

Oberg Motorsports used this weekend to officially debut its new race truck. The team actually threw the new truck to the wolves, at the last CORR event, due to a hard crash the primary truck took while qualifying. Mike and the crew hurriedly got the new truck race ready without any seat time in the new hot rod. The results were were less than stellar, but the team was able to establish a baseline for future chassis changes.

Thanks to the time the truck spent in race conditions on the West Coast, Mike felt confident that a podium finish could be expected from the weekend of racing.

Friday afternoon the Nissan Competition Parts Time Trials took place. Mike Oberg qualified easily into the field. His time, 1:28.90, was the seventh fastest two-wheel drive truck and thirteenth quickest in the twenty-six truck filed.

Now with a couple more laps on the truck, Mike and crew chief Cory Lambert made a few more changes, attempting to dial in the truck, for current weather and track conditions.

Saturday - Round XI

Mike Oberg and his #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Chevrolet Silverado started from the back row of the PRO-2WD grid. When the green flag dropped, all fourteen trucks headed for Potawatomi Turn One. As the field came through the first turn and towards the Barn Jump, the AMSOIL Kumho Chevy was in the middle of the pack, looking to pickup positions quickly. On lap three Mike's steering somehow momentarily locked, causing him to spin heading into the Argonne Corner. Quickly Mike Kept his foot on the throttle turning the truck back around and preventing the truck from rolling over, somehow nobody made contact during this hair raising moment. Then a lap later, the AMSOIL Chevy, caught a small boulder with the edge of one of his wheels, kicking it out into the driveshaft. The boulder broke the driveshaft, ending Mike's day, officially finishing in eleventh place.

Overnight the crew went to work prepping the truck and replacing the driveshaft. Mike took the time to talk about his new truck.

"After qualifying Cory and I made some changes and the truck really came around. I thought we could get to the front and finish on the podium. The steering locking up really scared me. It must have been a rock that somehow got up in the front end to lock everything up. We just checked everything out and steering is working fine. We will change to a different torque converter tonight, which will give that little extra we are looking for."

Sunday - Round XII

The land rush start saw the #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Chevy really come to life. As the field headed down in front of the crowd, Mike was in third place behind #21 Hoek and #18 Konitzer. By lap three, Mike moved up to second place with #8 Taylor in third. Two laps later, #8 Taylor passed Mike for the second spot. Then with two laps to go, #21 Hoek faded back with mechanical problem. At the finish it was Taylor 1st, Mike Oberg 2nd, and Konitzer 3rd.

Quickly, Oberg Motorsports went to work prepping the #80 AMSOIL Kumho Chevy for the BorgWarner Shootout. The team had only a few hours to get the truck ready for the "Big Race at the Big House."

BorgWarner Heavy Metal Shootout

As soon as the green flag dropped, dust was everywhere really creating a visibility problem in several places on the track. In an effort to combat the dust, many of the drivers became very aggressive with their tactics. Their were quite a few pileups in different parts of the track, the #80 Chevy got caught up in one of those, in the dustiest part of the track, the Argonne Corner. To break free, Mike had literally pushed other trucks out of the way that were blocking the track. By lap three, the #80 Chevy had a little breathing room, running third overall. Then just past the start finish line, the driveshaft broke ending the weekend.

"The truck was really running great," remarked Mike Oberg. "The dust was really a problem. At one point, in the Argonne Corner, there were four of us piled into each because we couldn't see. Then to get untangled, I had to ram Dan in the rear to push him through the other trucks. Afterwards, I heard the lead pack of PRO-4x4s had a similar deal in the same area. Well, we've got about a week to get the trucks ready to go back out to Chula Vista for the next CORR race. I think you will see our team have better results, the rest of the year, thanks to our time in Crandon."

The next race for Oberg Motorsports is September 13-14, Championship Off- Road Racing at the QUARRY, Chula Vista, California.


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