WSORR: Crandon: Ben Wandahsega weekend summary

MECHANICAL WOES KEEP WANDAHSEGA OUT OF CRANDON VICTORY LANE; TEAM STILL PRESERVERS... Saturday Round III For Saturday's race Ben and crew made some changes to the FCP truck from what they learned in the Crandon...


Saturday Round III

For Saturday's race Ben and crew made some changes to the FCP truck from what they learned in the Crandon test session a month back. They had hoped it would get off the start better and off the corners better as well.

As the green flag dropped the truck took off as they had hoped, taking the "Hole Shot" to the famous " Potawatomi" turn one. Going through the first corner the word on the radio from Wandahsega's spotter was "clear all around!" Occasionally, Ben would get a challenge on the entry into the corners but coming out of the corners and down the straights no one could touch him. Unfortunately, that would all come to an end on lap 3 as the motor gave out. Obviously, this was a huge disappointment to the team with the truck running perfect and hoping to back up their Round II win in Wheatland. Wandahsega would be credited with a 6th place finish on this day.

Saturday night the crew went to work on putting in a brand new Wegner powerplant, which according to the dyno sheet, was better than the one that had failed earlier in the day. If the motor change wasn't bad enough, inspection of the radiators found that rocks had knocked holes in both of them. That has never happened before. At any rate, crew chief Mark Wirhanowicz went to work trying to repair them. One had 16 holes in it, which made it beyond repair. Ben and the FCP Toyo Tires team would have to race with only half the cooling capacity on Sunday.

Round III Results:Keith Steele, Ross Hoek, Ron Schreiner, Dan Baudoux, Gary Gottchalk, Ben Wandahsega, Don Williams

Sunday Round IV

Once again, Ben was the first truck into the "Potawatomi" turn one, taking the "Hole Shot" once again as he did in the previous round on Saturday. The truck was running flawlessly, same as the day before. No one could catch him out of the corners and down the straights. But with only half the cooling system capacity and the engine temp on a steady rise, Ben had to keep one eye on the rising Autometer water temperature gauge. After leading half the race Ben had to slow down to save the motor as the engine temperature had risen to over 240 degrees. Trying to conserve the engine allowed the 2nd and 3rd place trucks to close on leader Wandahsega, eventually relegating him to a 3rd place finish at the checkered flag.

Round IV Results:Keith Steele, Ross Hoek, Ben Wandahsega, Ron Schreiner, Dan Baudoux, Gary Gottchalk, Don Williams

WSORR Super Truck Point Standings After Round IV: Keith Steele-86, Ross Hoek-79, Dan Baudoux-79, Ben Wandahsega-76, Ron Schreiner-51, Don Williams-34, Gary Gottchalk-31

The FCP 15th Annual Chairman's Cup Challenge

This is most likely one of the best races to watch every season for the fans as it pits 2WD trucks against the 4x4 trucks with the 2WD trucks getting a head start in a handicap race. With rain falling right up to the start of the Chairman's Cup, the track conditions were much like the WSORR kickoff race in Round I at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO a couple of weeks back. It turned out to be ten laps of slipping, sliding and trying to stay out of way of the mud roost thrown by the driver in front of you. As the green flew Ben simply tried his best not to spin our or over drive the slippery surface. Most important was to stay out of the way of the 4x4 trucks, as they would have the advantage traction wise in this race.

Wandahsega would do just that swapping the lead a couple of times for his class. He however still had to watch the temp gauge just as he had in the Super Trucks race earlier in the day. With the temperature rising, Ben decided not to give it away and rolled the dice a little as he kept racing hard all the way to the end. The end result was winning the Chairman's Cup for the Super Truck class and finishing 7th overall.

Ben and Team Wandahsega felt great to bring it home for Forest County Potawatomi and the rest of their sponsors. Team Wandahsega definitely showed they could run on the big tracks, which hasn't been their strong point in the past. They should have won both rounds in the Super Truck class this weekend but back luck and mechanical woes made them come up a bit short. Just as the past has proven this is a team that will preserver no matter what and never gives up. So rebounding to finish first in the Super Truck class in the Chairman's Cup with a truck not totally up to par should give them some momentum going into Rounds V & VI at their hometown stomping grounds in Bark River, MI on July 12th & 13th.

Ben would like to send a special thanks to Traxxas for the cool R/C truck that he received in the Chariman's Cup Challenge.


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