WSORR: Bark River: Sticker Dude Motorsports weekend summary

Federico Gives Hankook Tire First Victory Both PRO-Light Drivers Improve Their Standings Lake Zurich, IL (July 15, 2008) -Sticker Dude Motorsports headed to Michigan's Upper Peninsula looking to make up ground on the leaders ...

Federico Gives Hankook Tire First Victory
Both PRO-Light Drivers Improve Their Standings

Lake Zurich, IL (July 15, 2008) -Sticker Dude Motorsports headed to Michigan's Upper Peninsula looking to make up ground on the leaders of their respective race divisions. Federico and O'Donnell not only made up ground, but made off-road racing history for their tire partner, Hankook Tires.


Round V

Steve Federico grabbed the lead right from the start, with fellow Toyota driver #4 Jeff Kincaid right on his bumper. Then on lap five, Kincaid and Hord both suffered flat tires, allowing Federico to recapture the lead. During the last half of the race the #24 Invisible Glass PF Changs Hankook Tire Toyota Tacoma was pressured by #5 Probst. Regardless, Steven pushed the Toyota Tacoma it its limits and came home with its first victory of the season.

Meanwhile, teammate Lee O'Donnell in his # 23 Hankook Tires Invisible Glass Toyota Tacoma came through the first corner in sixth place. On lap five Lee had moved up to third place and held the position to the checkered flag.

Round 5 at Bark River in the PRO-Light division had several firsts. Sticker Dude Motorsports for the first time ever, had both Toyota Tacoma race trucks finish on the podium in the same race. The race was the first time Hankook Tire had two podium finishers and it had its first winner of a professional off-road race.

Comments from Steven Federico - "Once again, the Hankook Tire shod Tacomas never missed a beat. These Hankook Tires start with awesome grip, and finish with awesome grip. Thanks again to Invisible Glass, Toyota, PF Changs, Hankook Tires, RH2, Phil's Inc., etc without everyone's help, Lee and I couldn't accomplish what we did today. Congrats to Jon Probst for his first podium as well."

Comments from Lee O'Donnell - "I'm really pleased with today's result. Thanks to Race Fab for all their prep work between races, FAT Performance who gives me all the Toyota horsepower I need, Jake and Jon at the track, and of course, the incredible Hankook Tires. Today Steven was faster; maybe tomorrow we can switch positions on the podium."

Round VI

The initial start was red flagged, due to Mark Oberg hitting the concrete wall on the outside of the first turn. The paramedics cautiously removed Mark from the truck and quickly transported him to the hospital. At first report, he had a broken arm, and sore ribs. Everyone at Sticker Dude Motorsports wishes Mark a quick recovery.

On the restart, Steven grabs the lead with teammate Lee in third. Quickly, Steven finds himself in a battle with #9 Hord, and at the same time #5 Probst is applying pressure to Lee.

Suddenly, Lee and his #23 Hankook Tire Toyota falls off the pace. Lee radios in that the truck is stuck in second gear. Jon Shaudt, Lee's crew chief, tells him he better come in for a quick shifter fix. Back on the track, Lee had his Toyota Tacoma running at full song again, but now is a lap down.

At the flag, Lee crosses the line in seventh place. In the Championship standings, Lee O'Donnell moved up two spots into fourth place.

"We ran hard all weekend," stated Lee O'Donnell. "The transmission getting stuck in second gear has never happened before. Chris came up with a quick fix, but the time in pits prevented us from a podium finish. Again thanks to everyone that supports us. Toyota, Hankook Tires, Invisible Glass, PF Changs, my crew, Jon, Jake, Charlie, and everyone that gives us a hand."

While all this is going on, Steven has his hands, and arms full. The power steering begins to go out on the #24 Invisible Glass Toyota. First #9 Hord gets around Steven, then #5 Probst does the same. With three laps to go, the power steering is completely gone as Steven wrestles his Invisible Glass P.F. Changs Hankook Tire Toyota Tacoma to a third place finish.

The back-to-back podium finishes moves Steven Federico into second place in the 2008 WSORR PRO-Light Championship standings.

"This is the best weekend I've had in a long time, noted Steven Federico. "Without Chris and A.J. it wouldn't be possible. We replaced the power steering unit last night and when we went out for practice it just didn't work right. Chris and AJ tried to make one good unit out of the two. The steering worked long enough to keep me on the podium. Our team says it every time out, the Hankook DynaPro MT tires don't lose their grip as the race goes on. In the past, the other brand we used would wear quickly and lose their grip."

PRO Super Buggy

Luke Zoetmulder and his #924 Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs P.F. Changs Toyota powered Super Buggy seemed to have his share of bad luck this weekend in Bark River.

Round V

Luke, starting from the second row, quickly maneuvered his way into the lead pack. About halfway through the first lap, the engine lost fuel pressure, ending his day.

Overnight, the crew repaired the fuel system and Luke was confident that a solid performance was just around the corner.

Round VI

Again, Luke got a great start. The #924 was having a solid race, running in seventh. Then Luke began having a difficult time getting into third and fourth gear. The problematic shifting slowed the pace of the Toyota powered Super Buggy. At the finish Luke Zoetmulder crossed the line in ninth place.

"This really was not the finish I was hoping for," noted Luke Zoetmulder. "After the problem we had yesterday, this was an improvement. One word sums up the season for our Super Buggy, GREMLINS! We will keep working on our prep and reviewing all the systems on the Buggy. We will get past this and compete at the highest level."

Currently, Luke Zoetmulder is in eleventh place in the WSORR PRO Super Buggy Championship standings.

The next race for Sticker Dude Motorsports is under the lights, July 25-26 at the Oshkosh Speedzone in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


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